Media Matters for America – Algae-Based Fuel, National Debt, Iran,Contraceptives & FOX comments

Against Innovation: Right-Wing Media Mock Obama For Promoting Algae-Based Fuel Following their long tradition of attacking renewable energy, right-wing media have mocked President Obama for supporting production of algae biofuels. Yet several companies already produce biofuel made from algae, recent scientific advances have increased the fuel’s potential, and the industry has been supported by both private investors and conservative politicians. Read More

Conservative Experts Say That Obama Was Right To Apologize For Quran Burning Several conservative foreign policy and military experts have agreed with President Obama’s decision to apologize to Afghanistan for the burning of Qurans by U.S. military personnel. Ignoring these experts, Fox News’ conservative hosts and pundits have tried to flame outrage over Obama’s apology. Read More

Conservative Media Promote Bogus Chart On National Debt Fox News and right-wing blogs have promoted a chart that purports to show the “alarming” fact that national debt per person is higher in the United States than in several crisis-stricken European countries. This comparison is flawed because these countries’ economies are fundamentally different — a fact demonstrated by the substantially higher interest rates that the crisis countries using the euro must pay on their debt, compared to countries that can borrow in their own currency. Read More

John Bolton’s Default Setting: When In Doubt, Bomb Iran Fox News contributor and former Bush administration official John Bolton has used Fox News and print media to relentlessly push for first-strike military interventions in Iran. His advocacy of force is only the latest attempt by Bolton to push for the United States to engage in military operations against various countries around the world. Read More

Young Women’s Health Care Needs Are No Laughing Matter Right-wing media are now resorting to mocking female college students’ health care needs and their call that religiously affiliated colleges and universities provide access to contraceptives. But studies have found that numerous benefits (medical, social, and economic) exist in providing college-aged women — the most vulnerable demographic for unintended pregnancies — affordable access to contraception. Read More

Regular Fox Guest Bill Donohue Calls Student Advocating For Contraception Coverage A “Little Brat”

Limbaugh: Student Denied Spot At Contraception Hearing Says “She Must Be Paid To Have Sex,” So She’s A “Slut” And “Prostitute”

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