Harry Reid Senate Dems and the Headlines : November 2012

No Wonder Boehner Won’t Bring Up Senate Tax Cut Bill – It Would Pass

Reid: Reasonable Republicans Urge House Leadership To Stop Holding Middle Class Hostage

Reid: Republicans Must Turn “Happy Talk” On Revenues Into Action

Reid: Congress Could Avert The Fiscal Cliff For Middle Class Families

Early Contender for “Worst Week in Washington”: Grover Norquist

GOP Keeps Distance From McCain & Graham’s Over-The Top Grandstanding On Benghazi

Reid Statement On Republicans Blocking Cyber Security Legislation

Reid: Cooperation On Cyber Security Bill Could Set Positive, Bipartisan Tone Going Into Fiscal Cliff Talks

Reid: Challenges Facing Nation Too Great To Be Solved By Democrats Or Republicans Alone

Reid Statement On Veterans Day

Reid Statement On The Situation In Arizona

Reid Statement On The Fiscal Cliff

On Taxes, The Voters Have Spoken

Reid Statement On Senate Democrats Maintaining Their Majority

Reid Statement On Romney’s False Claims Of Bipartisanship

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