President Obama’s Message to the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.


U.S. government officials, investors, entrepreneurs, NGO leaders, and policy makers from more than 50 countries are gathered in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for the third annual summit, which was created following President Obama’s 2009 speech at Cairo University.


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Another Way the GOP Favors the Wealthy Over Everyone Else

While much of the discussion around the fiscal showdown has rightly focused on the top tax rates for the wealthiest Americans, there are a lot of other very important tax issues to sort. Notably, many expanded tax credits for low-wage workers and other important tax credits, such as the American Opportunity tax credit, will disappear at the end of the year if they are not extended.

The Senate has already passed a bill extending these important tax credits as well as the current tax rates for 98 percent of Americans and 97 percent of small businesses, but Republicans are holding those tax cuts hostage in order to get more tax breaks for the wealthy.

Our colleagues put together a handy infographic showing how Republican plans would impact different families.

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Spokane Speaks Out Against Coal Exports

Spokane Speaks OutEight hundred people turned out in Spokane to one of seven public hearings being held across Washington State to get community input on coal-export terminals proposed for the Washington and Oregon coasts.

More than 60 trains a day carrying coal in open cars will pass through Spokane’s neighborhoods if the terminals are built. Spokane residents gave the terminals and coal trains a resounding thumbs-down.

You kicked butt!” a Spokane city councilman told the local Sierra Club organizer after the hearing. Seattle, Portland, and a growing number of Pacific Northwest cities have passed resolutions opposing the coal-export boondoggle.


Act now: Urge policymakers to take the chained CPI off the table


National Women's Law Center - Don't Discount Women: Demand Fair Change Not Spare Change
Why are policy makers thinking about cutting Social Security behind closed doors? Because it’s easier for them if you don’t really know what’s happening.

Well, the cat is out of the bag.

According to recent news reports, the chained CPI is officially on the table and gaining buzz in the current deficit reduction negotiations. If the chained CPI (a new and lower Consumer Price Index) is adopted the cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) that Social Security recipients depend on would be calculated in a new way that cuts the value of benefits each year. And no matter how Washington insiders try to spin it, it means a CUT to Social Security benefits.

Act now: Urge policymakers to take the chained CPI off the table during budget negotiations.

Need a reason to take action? How about five?

  1. The chained CPI will cut the value of benefits each year.
  2. The cuts add up — quickly. The cut in the value of benefits will be equivalent to the cost of a week’s worth of food each month by age 80 and nearly two weeks’ worth by 95 for the typical single elderly woman.
  3. The chained CPI cuts everyone’s benefits — including today’s beneficiaries — as soon as it goes into effect.
  4. It particularly hurts women because, on average, they live longer than men and are already more likely to be poor.
  5. It’s less accurate because it doesn’t account for the real increases in the cost of living the elderly face each year.

Oh, and there’s a 6th! As the White House has pointed out, Social Security isn’t the cause of our deficits. So switching the COLA to the chained CPI is just an underhanded move to balance the budget on the backs of the elderly, especially elderly women.

Your voice can make a difference! Tell your Members of Congress and President Obama that the chained CPI should NOT be part of deficit reduction talks.

Thanks for all of your support!


Joan Entmacher   Joan Entmacher
Vice President, Family Economic Security
National Women’s Law Center

P.S. Are you on Facebook? Help us spread the word about what the chained CPI would really mean for women.

P.P.S. Read just one of the many news reports here.

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Protect our families from deadly soot pollution!
Soot kills
Send Your Letter

Any day now, the EPA is scheduled to announce its long-awaited rule on soot pollution — the tiny “particulate matter” that comes from burning coal and causes health problems ranging from asthma to heart attacks.

With the decision coming soon, big polluters are making one last-ditch effort to weaken or kill this life-saving soot safeguard.1

The White House needs to know that big polluters aren’t the only ones watching. Send President Obama one last message asking him to stand firm and protect our families.

Tens of thousands of Americans like you have weighed in over the last year. You pushed the EPA to look at the science and protect our families’ health from this deadly pollution. Now you have one last chance to make sure the EPA follows through on its months of studies.

Send one more message to the White House before Friday’s deadline. Tell the president and his environmental team to stick to their guns and deliver a strong, scientific safeguard against soot.

Time and again, you’ve shown that grassroots power can beat big polluters’ lobbyists. With industry groups rallying at the 11th hour, now is the time to finish strong.

Thanks for everything you do to protect the environment,

Mary Anne Hitt
Beyond Coal Campaign Director
Sierra Club

P.S. We won the first round in this fight thanks to a groundswell of grassroots action, and that’s exactly how we’ll win the next round. People power is something Big Coal will never have, so let’s press our advantage. Send a copy of this message to your friends and family, and spread the word on your social networks with the share buttons below.

[1] Colman, Zack and Geman, Ben, Overnight Energy, The Hill, December 11, 2012