President Obama Talks Middle-Cla​ss Tax Cuts with Mayors and Their Constituen​ts

Yesterday, President Obama held a conference call with a bipartisan group of mayors and community leaders from around the country to discuss preventing an income tax increase on middle-class families.

Several of the mayors asked some of their constituents who had shared what a $2,000 tax increase next year would mean for their families to join the call as well.

Check out some photos and tweets from leaders who listened in from cities and towns nationwide.

President Obama Talks Middle-Class Tax Cuts with Mayors and Their Constituents

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Fiscal Showdown …

By ThinkProgress War Room

Public Overwhelmingly Backs Obama in the Fiscal Showdown

We know that President Obama won a mandate on the issue of taxes, but Republican leaders in Congress just haven’t gotten the message.

Just yesterday, Speaker Boehner made a new “offer” to the president that underscore the GOP’s tone deaf attitude and lack of seriousness. Rather than compromise, Boehner proposed one of the few ideas that is absolutely off the table: permanently extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy.

Making ridiculous offers like this shows that Republicans aren’t really serious about avoiding the fiscal cliff or reducing the deficit. They also show a complete disconnect from the wishes of the American people.

According to a new NBC News poll out last night, the public overwhelmingly believes that the election gave President Obama a “mandate” to:

  • 68 percent: cut taxes for working families earning less than $250,000 a year
  • 65 percent: reduce the federal deficit by both increasing taxes on the wealthy and reducing federal spending
  • 59 percent: eliminate the Bush tax cuts for those with higher incomes over $250,000

The poll also found that a whopping 76 percent of Americans believe that increasing taxes on the wealthy is an “acceptable” part of any deal to avert the fiscal cliff. This is all consistent with other polls out in recent days, including one that found nearly half of Republicans believe the election delivered the president a mandate to raise taxes on the wealthy. Overall, the poll found that by a 2:1 margin Americans believe the president won both a mandate on taxes and to protect Social Security and Medicare benefits.

It’s also clear that the Republicans’ intransigence is taking its toll on the already-tarnished image of the party and its leaders:

And overall, nearly two-thirds of Americans agree that we need to address our fiscal problems using a balanced approach:

“Leaders in Congress should make compromises to gain consensus on the budget deficit, even if it means Democrats would have to accept targeted spending cuts in Social Security and Medicare and Republicans would have to accept targeted increases in tax rates.”

BOTTOM LINE: It’s time for Republicans to heed the will of the American people — and many of their own conservative voters — and agree to a balanced approach that includes asking the wealthiest Americans to pay higher tax rates, just like they did during the economic boom we experience under President Clinton.

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Big loss for NRA

On Tuesday, another shooting took two innocent lives in Oregon. Our hearts go out to their families. We know they’re hurting today.

This happens all the time. That’s why more than 725 mayors decided to get involved – because 34 Americans are murdered with guns every day in ways that don’t make headlines.

So while our hearts are in Oregon, I hope you’ll turn your eyes to Michigan, where we beat the NRA yesterday.

The state legislature was on the brink of eliminating background checks for private handgun sales. The House had already passed a bill to eliminate a system that kept nearly 3,000 criminals, domestic abusers and other dangerous people from getting their hands on a pistol in Michigan — in 2011 alone.

The bill was cruising to passage in the Senate until just a few weeks ago.

Then Michigan mayors, police and grassroots supporters like you noticed. They organized, mobilized and lobbied. They stopped the bill in its tracks.

And yesterday, the Senate passed a bill that preserves background checks for all handgun sales – a total victory for Lansing against the NRA’s Washington lobbyists.

If you can, please make a small donation so we can take this fight to other states. When we fight, we win. But we need your support.

Thanks for keeping Oregon in your thoughts. Thanks for having your faith, or your fury, or your optimism, or whatever inspired you to support us.

Because things are starting to change, and you’re the reason why.


Mark Glaze
Mayors Against Illegal Guns