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Ten Pro-Gun Legislators Willing to Consider New Gun Regulations

Following last week’s gun massacre in Newton, Connecticut, public support for commonsense gun safety regulations is surging. One poll out today found that support had risen nearly 20 points since this Spring. hitting a ten-year high.

As we know, overwhelming public support (or opposition) doesn’t guarantee that politicians in Washington will actually listen (e.g. why we still have to fight over giveaways to oil companies and the wealthy). Fortunately, it appears that the Sandy Hook shooting was finally one massacre too many and our elected are stepping up to the challenge of protecting everyone in our society from senseless violence.

ThinkProgress’ Josh Israel highlights ten pro-gun politicians that are now willing to consider sensible new regulations on weapons that have no place on our streets:

1. Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)

The Senate Majority Leader has earned high marks from the National Rifle Association (NRA) and has run as a strong gun-rights advocate. In a floor speech Monday, he said, “In the coming days and weeks, we will engage in a meaningful conversation and thoughtful debate about how to change laws and culture that allow violence to grow.” He added that “every idea should be on the table” in the discussion. Politico reported Monday that he told a colleague he was now open to more gun control, observing that “something has to be done.”

2. Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA)

Though he has run for office as a “friend to gun owners” and received an “A” rating from the in his 2008 Senate run, Warner said Monday that he believes, “enough is enough.” Citing urging from his own daughters, he noted “I, like I think most of us, realize that there are ways to get to rational gun control.”

3. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV)

A lifelong NRA member who has received an “A” rating from the anti-gun control group, Manchin announced Monday that the time has come for assault weapon regulations. “We need to sit down and have a common sense discussion and move in a reasonable way,” he said on MSNBC. In a separate interview, he told CNBC that the tragedy in Connecticut, “changed me and it’s changed most Americans, I think.”

4. Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA)

Casey has received consistentlyhigh grades from the NRA and campaigned in his 2012 re-election race on his “record of supporting the Second Amendment and the interests of Pennsylvania sportsmen.” In a statement, Casey said, “These senseless acts of violence are unacceptable. Addressing them will require a comprehensive strategy that acknowledges all of the factors that contributed to this tragedy and takes every appropriate step to protect our citizens, especially our kids. Everything should be on the table.”

5. Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD)

Johnson has received an “A” rating from the NRA, but said Monday, ” This tragedy will certainly force us as a country to have a discussion about our gun laws, as well as our mental health system. Like always, I will carefully consider any proposed legislation and listen to the voices of South Dakotans.”

6. Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)

Collins has been fairly pro-gun — receiving a “C+” rating from the NRA. On Monday, she said in a statement, “While denying the constitutional rights of law-abiding citizens won’t change the behavior of those intent on using firearms for criminal purposes, I wholeheartedly agree that we must examine what can be done to help prevent gun violence.” She suggested that “we should examine, among other issues, whether states are reporting data on mentally ill individuals found to be a danger to themselves or others to the national background check database designed to prevent gun purchases by such individuals.”

7. Sen.-Elect Joe Donnelly (D-IN)

As a U.S. Congressman, Donnelly received an “A” rating and endorsement from the NRA. In a statement Monday, the Senator-elect said, “Now is the time to work together to make sure this never happens again. All parties must come to the table as we determine the appropriate action to address this extremely concerning problem of senseless violence.” He told CNN he was open to gun control measures, noting, “I’m a Dad too. My kids are a little older now, but I think of when they were 6 and 7 years old, and I think we have a responsibility to make sure this never happens again.”

8. Sen.-Elect Martin Heinrich (D-NM)

As a U.S. Congressman, Heinrich received an “A” rating and endorsement from the NRA. Monday, he said the tragedy in Connecticut left him “deeply affected” and that he was willing to consider “sensible policy” to address the problem. He vowed to take a “very serious look all legislative proposals aimed at preventing these horrific tragedies,” and noted that as a hunter, “I don’t need a 25-round clip for effective home defense, and I sure don’t need one for hunting. That’s just too much killing power. It defies common sense.”

9. Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA)

The NRA has endorsed Dent and praised him for being “a staunch defender of the Second Amendment freedoms of law-abiding gun owners, hunters and sportsmen in Pennsylvania and across America.” After Newtown, he announced he would “push for us to examine all of the possible solutions to this problem,” including ways to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people.

10. Rep. Nick Rahall (D-WV)

In his 2012 re-election campaign, Rahall noted on his candidate website that he was “NRA Endorsed, A Rated.” Monday, while noting that the “causes of violence in America are bigger and broader than just firearms,” Rahall said, “I want to hear from all sides before the Congress moves forward, so we can move forward together. Let us act deliberately, but, for the sake of too many already lost, let us act.”

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“In the beginning”…bringing the scrolls of Genesis and the Ten Commandments online

Posted: 18 Dec 2012 02:00 AM PST

A little over a year ago, we helped put online five manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls—ancient documents that include the oldest known biblical manuscripts in existence. Written more than 2,000 years ago on pieces of parchment and papyrus, they were preserved by the hot, dry desert climate and the darkness of the caves in which they were hidden. The Scrolls are possibly the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century.
Today, we’re helping put more of these ancient treasures online. The Israel Antiquities Authority is launching the Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, an online collection of some 5,000 images of scroll fragments, at a quality never seen before. The texts include one of the earliest known copies of the Book of Deuteronomy, which includes the Ten Commandments; part of Chapter 1 of the Book of Genesis, which describes the creation of the world; and hundreds more 2,000-year-old texts, shedding light on the time when Jesus lived and preached, and on the history of Judaism.

The Ten Commandments. Photo by Shai Halevi, courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority
Part of the Book of Genesis. Photo by Shai Halevi, courtesy of Israel Antiquities Authority

Millions of users and scholars can discover and decipher details invisible to the naked eye, at 1215 dpi resolution. The site displays infrared and color images that are equal in quality to the Scrolls themselves. There’s a database containing information for about 900 of the manuscripts, as well as interactive content pages. We’re thrilled to have been able to help this project through hosting on Google Storage and App Engine, and use of Maps, YouTube and Google image technology.
This partnership with the Israel Antiquities Authority is part of our ongoing work to bring important cultural and historical materials online, to make them accessible and help preserve them for future generations. Other examples include the Yad Vashem Holocaust photo collection, Google Art Project, World Wonders and the Google Cultural Institute.
We hope you enjoy visiting the Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library, or any of these other projects, and interacting with history.
Posted by Eyal Miller, New Business Development, and Yossi Matias, Head of Israel Research and Development Center

Get the whole family together over the holidays, from anywhere

Posted: 18 Dec 2012 01:00 AM PST

‘Tis the season for tree trimming, gift giving, recipe sharing and catching up with loved ones over a cup of eggnog.  For families that are spread out over cities or even countries, it can be a challenge to get everyone together during the holidays. This year, we’ve teamed up with the creators of Wallace and Gromit to add a little extra holiday magic to Google+ Hangouts with a custom invitation builder and a Holiday Effects app.
Click this link to schedule your holiday family hangout and we’ll send all your invitations out with a custom Wallace and Gromit video. Since Hangouts let up to 10 people video chat at once, right from Google+ or Gmail, you can invite the whole family to join—and maybe a few friends too.

Don’t forget to put on a Santa hat, reindeer antlers or even wear Gromit’s ears by adding the Holiday Effects app to your family hangout.

Happy holidays from the Google+ and Gmail teams!
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Media Matters for America

I wanted to make sure you saw the email Matt sent last week. The response was so strong that we put together a video illustrating just a small sample of the conservative echo-chamber’s many attacks againstMedia Matters from the past year.
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Obama, Scarborough and Gun Safety

Fiscal cliff negotiations are going on NOW, so we have a limited window of time to make sure President Obama doesn’t step back from his promises. Can you take a minute to make a call?

REMINDER: This Is Why We Voted For Obama

If he can change his mind, maybe some of our neighbors can. WATCH:

Joe Scarborough, Long-Time Pro-Gun Supporter, Changes His Mind After Newtown

Why would we treat one deadly instrument so smartly and not the other?

When You Look At Gun Safety This Way, What We Aren’t Doing Sure Seems Ridiculous