a message from Julianne Moore

Every month, 46 women are murdered with guns by a current or former intimate partner. This October is Domestic Violence Awareness month, and it’s time for us to say: we won’t stand for this any more!

It’s too easy for dangerous people, including domestic abusers, to get their hands on guns. And until Congress closes loopholes that allow them to buy weapons without a background check, more women will die at the hands of their intimate partners.

Please join me by signing an open letter to Congress. Urge your elected officials to pass common-sense legislation that will prevent gun violence and save women’s lives.

I was shocked to learn how easily a domestic violence situation can become deadly. The laws that are currently on the books are deeply flawed — but together, we have the power to make sure that Congress takes action.

This is an issue that affects all Americans — our mothers, sisters, and daughters. Please stand up for those who are most at risk.

Click the link below to automatically add your name, and let’s urge Congress to save women’s lives:


Thank you for joining me,

Julianne Moore

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  1. The need for awareness on this topic is very important However , anyone claiming to be shock to learn how easy domestic violence can escalate must be living in a fish bowl. The fact that someone can say that is in itself more than just shocking

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