AlterNet … Drug Testing and SCOTUS

Meet Paul Ryan’s ‘Inner City Expert’ Who Claims Blacks and Latinos Have Lower IQsJoan Walsh, Salon

Charles Murray says it’s not racist to suggest that some ethnic groups are genetically inferior to others. READ MORE»

America’s Poorest State to Spend Money Drug Testing Its Poorest ResidentsTana Ganeva, AlterNet

Even though drug testing welfare recipients has proven costly and ineffective, GOP legislators continue being fired up about it. READ MORE»

Looming SCOTUS Decision Could Deal Another Blow to Campaign Finance RegulationsAlex Kane, AlterNet

McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission is a challenge to laws that restrict how much one person can donate to a candidate. READ MORE»

Conservative Commentator: God Holding Back From Striking Down Bill MaherBy Kyle Mantyla, Right Wing Watch

Bryan Fischer is upset that the comedian called God a ‘psychotic mass murderer.” READ MORE»