These jeans were made of garbage …


The idea of buying Jeans made from garbage is exciting, but it was kind of sad to hear after calling their customer service department that the jeans are not USA made …comment by Point4CounterPoint:  Sustainable living … imported!

Raped and no right to choose — 24 hours to help

A 10-year-old girl in Paraguay was reportedly sexually abused by her stepfather for years. Now pregnant, the government denied her the abortion she asked for — but Congress is reconsidering the law in a special session this week, and it could turn the tide. Let’s launch a massive global outcry so this child, and thousands like her, will have a choice:

President Obama Features Paid Leave In State of the Union Address

Dear Friend,
Yesterday was a thrilling day for working families, A Better Balance, and the entire paid leave movement in the United States! In the past few months, we have shared with you an incredible number of work-family victories, including the passage of 4 new paid sick time laws (which A Better Balance worked on) in November’s election. The momentum is clearly continuing into 2015! In his State of the Union address, President Obama featured the need for paid leave laws in the United States and pointed to the success of the issue in the November election.
A Better Balance is currently drafting and providing legal support on paid sick time bills and paid family leave bills in dozens of states across the country. The President’s call for a nationwide paid sick time law, his pledge to provide support through his budget for state paid family leave programs, and his spotlight on the need for workplace leave will provide an incredible boost to these campaigns and our organization’s work.
"Today, we’re the only advanced country on Earth that doesn’t guarantee paid sick leave or paid maternity leave to our workers. . . . So I’ll be taking new action to help states adopt paid leave laws of their own. And since paid sick leave won where it was on the ballot last November, let’s put it to a vote right here in Washington."

A Better Balance’s Co-Presidents, Sherry Leiwant and Dina Bakst, released the following statement last night on the President’s remarks:
“A Better Balance applauds President Barack Obama for shining a national spotlight on paid family leave – and the idea that Americans cannot be financially secure unless our public policies support their ability to care for their children and families – in tonight’s State of the Union address. 
Ten years ago, A Better Balance was founded as a legal advocacy organization to address the problems caused by the failure of our public policies to keep up with the changing workforce and the needs of families. The proliferation of new laws we have written in states and cities around the country guaranteeing workers paid sick time for themselves and their families, paid family leave and an end to pregnancy discrimination are proof that better policies are possible and will work.
Tonight the President makes it clear that this is a national problem that requires national solutions – so that families are not left with impossible choices between caring for their loved ones and meeting their basic financial needs.  And we pledge to work harder than ever to ensure that those policies become a reality for all American families.” 
On our blog, we provide more information on the President’s specific proposals. To learn more about the paid sick time wins that President Obama referenced last night, check out our webpage on the issue and our comparison chart of paid sick time laws in the United States.
As we continue to fight for paid leave laws and policies, you can help! Stories are crucial to informing public officials of the need for paid leave. If you have a story about your need for paid sick time or paid family leave, or if having paid time off to care for your family (especially if it is leave provided under one of the laws we’ve helped pass) has made a difference for you, please share your story with us! And if you work in New York State and would like to support our ongoing campaign to pass a paid family leave insurance law, please add your name to our petition.
Thanks for all you do to support our work.
The A Better Balance Team,
Sherry, Dina, Phoebe, Jared, Elizabeth, Risha, Morenike, Rachel, Jake, Molly & Lynn

Road Block – Chris Christie


A one-man roadblock to progress. It’s what I see when I look at Chris Christie.

Just look at the guy’s record as governor:

  • Vetoed equal pay
  • Vetoed marriage equality
  • Slashed family planning funding
  • Vetoed a minimum wage increase
  • 400,000 people unemployed in New Jersey

And he’s the first anti-choice governor of New Jersey since Roe v. Wade.

It’s right there in front of us — Chris Christie is the wrong governor for New Jersey.

Christie’s set on being a brick wall against New Jersey’s progressive values. So let’s beat this guy and elect a pro-choice Democratic woman in his place.

Contribute to Barbara Buono right now and stop Christie in his tracks before he gets the chance to take his roadblock any further.

The guy only gets worse when you look at the company he keeps.
Scott Walker — Wisconsin’s dreadfully anti-worker governor — hosted a fundraiser for Christie, and Christie has called Walker “courageous” for his attacks on working families.

Mitt Romney called Christie the future of the Republican Party.

And fellow extremist-in-disguise Scott Brown fundraised for Christie just a couple months ago.

I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance of a true progressive sending a faux moderate packing — just like Elizabeth Warren did to Scott Brown.
Barbara Buono’s spent her career doing everything possible to improve the lives of New Jersey’s women and families. She’s everything Christie isn’t: staunchly pro-choice, a true friend to workers, and dedicated to real service for the people of her state.

Contribute to Barbara right now. Chris Christie is dangerous to New Jersey women and families — we’ve got to do everything possible to stop him.

The people of New Jersey deserve better. They deserve a true reformer like Barbara who actually cares about the people she represents, not her own self-interests.

Make it happen.

Jonathan Parker
Director of Campaigns, EMILY’s List

a story of hope turned into several splinters of reality …

An update to a post that obviously was so much more.

In April 2013, as politics and pop culture collided, while twitter and face book joined in as seeds of change for me. There were several side stories,which did not make it to TV,but were In full effect. That night as people praised laughed danced tweeted positive things, no one knew about the two young men who possibly were in the wrong place at an undesirable hour. In what appears to be a related story about segregation and proms, we find out that two years earlier one young black man #JustinPatterson was shot dead the other traumatized for what seems to be the senseless death of his friend on January 29 2011. The story is one that hurts, makes me mad that this was apparently hidden by the media; it definitely became a side story possibly swept under a damn rug by law enforcement and brings to mind what happens when young black men are confronted or treated as threats.

The real story was being brought to light while surfing the TV.  I found MPH talking to a writer about a story that actually started in 2009 about segregation, southern proms and inclusion ending with a related narration about an unnecessary death of yet another young black man in 2011 by an old white man . If that isn’t not enough, this splintered reality includes a young black man/police officer struggling to become a sheriff in what becomes an obvious evolution story of 3 steps backward or 21st Century jim crow and one step forward beginning in 2013

Please tune into HBO May 18, 2015 and Watch  Southern Rites: The Heartbreaking Story of Justin Patterson’s Death


  My first knowledge of this particular story about southern ties proms and segregation was April 2013 … below is my elation post while watching the White House correspondence dinner online

The White House Correspondent Dinner, otherwise called the #NerdProm …and another Prom night in rural Georgia, its first integrated one was also being held.

My first thought was outrage and sadness as we see certain states in the south regressing on so many levels, then the story about how these young kids made a choice to close the racial divide, got organized raised money for a prom apparently open to all and helped by many outside the rural community. It also led to Leaders of the Georgia N.A.A.C.P. calling for the state to ban segregated proms and brought back memories of 2009, when Morgan Freeman funded the first racially integrated prom in Charleston, MI.

Anyway, the highlight of my night started out with PBO stepping onto the stage with a new Presidential intro to DJ Khalid’s, All I do is Win and his dance while WHCD president, Ed henry and fellow FOX employees watched on. Then again, PBO’s whole dialogue was hilarious got a huge bounce with a lot of photos; except decided NOT to show his magazine cover.  We all wait for that to be leaked.

Apparently, the White House Correspondent Dinner has been going on for years but its popularity only started in 1993 and from then on, sold out. The crowd of 2700 came to see Mrs. and President Obama, Conan and raise a whole lot of money for future Journalists.  The main complaint was that Hollywood seemed to outnumber the Correspondents on the Red Carpet. I have to say watching them eat for 2 hours before the good stuff started was odd and ok you got a ticket to the #NerdProm, but there is a whole lot more room for improvement. If you were on your couch watching, something definitely was upsetting Gov. Chris Christie because cameras kept panning over to his table, maybe he didn’t know that it was supposed to be a night of jabs, juicy comments and lots of money donated for student scholarships … who knows exactly why Gov. Christie had that look. I don’t know about you but the WHCD was a good time of funny. Those of us who not only support PBO see a funnier, more confident, less stressed out President working his 2nd term who says what’s on his mind more and the #NerdProm was just one example .

As for the integrated Prom night in Georgia, let’s face it; proms in the future are questionable but things are looking up in some parts of the rural south… at least in Wilcox County. In response to requests to desegregate, the Wilcox County school board plans to vote this spring on making future proms official school events, which would prohibit racial segregation.

The White House Correspondent Dinner, was a night when entertainers and politicians switched places…  where the red carpet became a place to pose with various people… clearly stars in their own worlds each seeing someone from the others life and wanting photos.