Meet Republican Carly Fiorina

Meet Republican Carly Fiorina of California: She’s anti-choice, anti-gay and she’s mocked climate change concerns as just being “worried about the weather.” And like so many other Republican candidates this year, she’s a multimillionaire corporate executive trying to buy her way into public office.

Now meet California’s Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer: She’s a progressive leader who’s spent her career fighting for everyday Americans against corporations, Wall Street lobbyists… and multimillionaire corporate executives like Carly Fiorina.

Senator Boxer stands up and leads in a U.S. Senate that needs progressive women.

Carly will stand up for corporations instead of people and she’ll do anything to win. That’s exactly why Carly Fiorina is writing million dollar checks to her own campaign. She wrote herself $2.5 million in January and then $1.1 million more in May. That’s a lot of money — and it makes Carly a formidable candidate who’s able to go negative and scare California voters.

But it’s also the backing of just one person… the world’s smallest fan club. So today, we’re going to help Barbara Boxer send California a message: 100,000 Americans stand strong with Barbara Boxer, while her opponent stands alone.

Contribute $3 to Barbara Boxer today and help her reach 100,000 donors

Senator Boxer is a strong woman with a record of leading progressive victories in the U.S. Senate and she can win again on Election Day. But she’s facing her toughest opponent yet in a year that the pundits claim will be a tough election for Democrats. So here’s the thing, if some Democrats lose this November, it’s never been more important for us to make sure progressive leaders like Barbara Boxer win.

We’re proving people matter more than money, so it doesn’t matter how much you contribute today. What matters is the message of support showing that everyday Americans contributing small amounts can beat back the power of multimillion dollar corporations and their lackeys who run for Congress.

Carly Fiorina’s support amounts to herself and her checkbook. Barbara Boxer has the support of over 100,000 Americans.

Let’s prove it — Contribute $3 to Barbara Boxer right now

Thank you for everything you do to make sure progressives win in 2010.


Charles Chamberlain, Political Director
Democracy for America

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Arrested for fighting slavery?

WALK FREE.ORG Modern slavery couldn’t be closer to home for Biram Dah Abeid. The twelfth of thirteen children born to an enslaved mother, Biram was released from a life of servitude while still in the womb.1 His release was the dying act of his mother’s master in Mauritania, a country where the children of slaves become the property of their owners.

Biram grew up a member of the Haratina, the class of people known to be the descendants of slaves, many of whom remain trapped in situations of slavery and exploitation by Mauritania’s slave-owning elites. Biram and others have made it their life’s mission to end this abuse in Mauritania.2

However they face regular harassment and harsh treatment in this fight for freedom. As you read this Biram and his fellow activists are sitting in a prison cell for their work to end slavery in Mauritania — and we need your help to secure justice

Call on the Mauritanian government to free Biram Dah Abeid and his fellow anti-slavery activists.

The 2014 Global Slavery Index revealed that 35.8 million people are trapped in modern slavery around the world — and Mauritania is one of the worst offenders, with the highest prevalence of modern slavery in the world.3That’s why the work of anti-slavery activists such as Biram is so important; but instead of addressing the root causes of slavery, the Mauritanian government is working to intimidate those that speak out

Sources close to the activists have made serious allegations that some of the group have been tortured, including being stripped, beaten and trampled by police since their arrest last year.

The activists were arrested during a peaceful anti-slavery protest and were convicted in January for inciting hatred under Mauritania’s terrorism laws.

A huge wave of international pressure now could force the Mauritanian government to prioritize ending slavery and stop the harassment of anti-slavery activists.

Send a message to Mauritania’s President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, calling on him to release these activists and get serious about tackling modern slavery.

It has now been weeks since Biram and his fellow activists’ imprisonment: let’s not wait any longer to get them out of prison and back to fighting against slavery.

In hope,

Victoria, Mika, Jayde, Joanna and the Walk Free team


Save the Bees — Fight toxic pesticides

Bees are dying at unprecedented rates!

Honey bees are crucial pollinators. (Pakhnyushcha / Shutterstock)

Help us fight back in court with an emergency gift of $5 or more today!

Transcendence (Orchestral)- Lindsey Stirling

Anti – Reproductive Rights bills in 10 States …


More Anti-Abortion Bills Threaten Reproductive Rights In Ten States

Abortion rates declined by 13 percent over three years according to the latest data, with researchers finding an increase in birth control use having a more significant effect than restrictive abortion laws. But that information won’t stop opponents of reproductive health and a woman’s right to choose. After three years that contained a record-breaking number of state-level abortion restrictions, state legislatures are developing even more attacks. Here is a run down of ten of the worst, or head over to ThinkProgress where Tara Culp-Ressler goes over them in more detail:

1. Alabama is attempting to ban abortions after just six weeks. Lawmakers in the state are holding a hearing on a so-called “heartbeat” bill–or bill that would ban the procedure after a heartbeat can be detected, which can occur as early as six week into pregnancy. The measure violates Roe v. Wade.

2. South Dakota may ban most abortions and threaten doctors with life in prison. Proposed legislation in the state would “prohibit the dismemberment or decapitation of certain living unborn children,” vague language that could end up having far-reaching implications for abortion care in the state. Doctors in violation of the proposed measure could face life in prison.

3. Oklahoma wants to follow in Texas’ footsteps and shut down abortion clinics. Even though Oklahoma already has a law that imposes stringent restrictions on abortion providers, the proposed bill would tighten those restrictions even further to bring them in line with Texas’ law. It was approved by a Senate panel on Monday.

4. Indiana could put abortion doctors at risk for more violence and harassment. The measure being considered in the state would require “back up doctors” for abortion procedures, and then publicize the names of those doctors, exposing them to potential threats and harassment. “It does nothing to improve women’s health. All it will do is target doctors who provide health care for women,” state Sen. Vaneta Becker (R) explained.

5. Iowa wants to allow women to sue doctors for “abortion distress.” The upshot of this would be to place abortion providers under the constant threat of a costly lawsuit from a former patient who regrets their abortion.

6. Missouri may force women to wait three days before having an abortion. Although mandatory waiting periods are a popular type of abortion restriction, research has proven that they don’t actually change women’s minds about whether to continue a pregnancy.

7. South Carolina and West Virginia want to ban later abortions with no consideration for rape, incest, or fetal abnormalities. Nine states have already passed similar “20-week” abortion bans, which violate the protections guaranteed under Roe v. Wade. Later abortions are already very rare.

8. Mississippi is so intent on banning abortion that it’s poised to pass an unnecessary bill. Another 20-week abortion ban is currently making its way through the Mississippi legislature, but it is entirely unnecessary because the state’s only remaining abortion clinic only performs procedures up to 16 weeks.

9. Kentucky wants to force abortion doctors to describe ultrasound images to their patients. This type of abortion restriction was recently struck down in North Carolina for violating the First Amendment, since it compels doctors to deliver an anti-choice message sanctioned by the state.

10. Iowa is trying to eliminate abortion access for low-income and rural women. Iowa earns another spot on this list for going after “telemedicine” abortion — essentially, the practice of using video technology to allow doctors to remotely prescribe a pill to women who may not have access to a nearby clinic.

BOTTOM LINE: 2014 is already shaping up to be another banner year in the GOP’s war on women, particularly at the state level. It’s going to be a year when progressives and women’s rights advocates push back harder than ever.