FDR had something to say about voting

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”

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do you still … have the audacity for hope and change?


So, given the current climate the next few weeks and months leading up to both the Midterms and 2016 elections will be important for voters to keep their eyes ears open.  The talk is filled with good, bad, and ugly rhetoric mostly by folks who are paid to rile the base on both sides of the aisle. The last few weeks have given us all some eye opening news what with some telling us they are liberals when in actuality they were and voted with the right of center playing their constituents as fools, thankfully their hypocrisy was put into the media airwaves for voters to hear.

It must be difficult getting a check in “the media industry”…. I guess. We have online blogs, newspapers, and op-eds and some not all have comment pages that require your email address in order to respond. There are new activist news blogs, or so-called online news sources, newspapers with well-known folks writing op-eds some try to pass them off as the truth others know they have an audience who expects negative rhetoric pumping up the opposition on what I have to say are non-partisan issues.  I am not likely to believe everything in an article or interview word for word, no matter who wrote it. I read the stuff but I would not be so mindless to take what he or anyone else says and votes for or against anything let alone President Obama in 2012 just because of the rhetoric, but hey, that is just me. It is clear a number of so-called writers have been using headlines to bash the President and call me sensitive but people who read them and decide the person writing them is speaking to you personally is beyond my understanding. I have a tendency to want the information and the facts from say the President or others in control instead of those playing political or mind games. The environment is ripe with doom and gloom but as we get closer to the Presidential deadlines, it does seem more of a reality than folks including me want to believe.

One of many issues I have with conservatives, is their devotion to a limited pursuit of happiness called the “family values platform”, they practice exclusion and vote regularly for discriminatory practices in both Chambers of Congress. Those who already have feel they should have even more while others, paraphrasing Jeff sessions, those that have none need to work harder for a better life… is that with no safety-net?. Yes, it is. I wonder if they went so far as to imagine what our neighborhoods would like after about a month. The haves would be doing their thing while the used to have are barely living and the others well the image I have is one that looks like a third World country.  I am sure those who were unwilling to work for minimum wage jobs are outsourced and if you happen to be an out of work union person and failed to comply with the new deal expect to be held to a low wage job because the party of tea said so. Last, women, gays, and minorities would be “seen but definitely not heard”.

Yes, the story, a seemingly hazy fictional thing full of BS, but listen. If you cleared away the Republican haze you would see the future and it could be green it definitely seems like a FDR moment but as we all know this is not the Republicans most might say they disagreed with but respected. We all know life has changed as the last guy took a surplus spent it and while the ship was sinking not too much was being done to fix it. So, we know the last guy had a surplus, didn’t pay for, but waged 2wars and 2huge Tax cuts to the rich the part where things fall apart is a bit blurry but some say recessions are cyclical. I do not believe this is a typical recession year; in fact it feels like that car though a complete wreck by now is about to be totaled by Republicans with behavior unfit for any Public Servant. I have to say that any member Congress who signed off on the Grover Norquist pledge failed to take their position seriously and obviously do not understand their jobs, or realize that they represent the people of America not just their state. If you listen to the likes of a Kucinich’s or pundits, writers and reporters like this guy you should probably keep in mind that most articles now are filled with opinion news and should be taken in topically. I get progressives have a short memory and along with that a short loyalty program. I have to say when you are armed with the facts you do not give up on your Leader. We should put his feet to the fire but telling people to show your distaste by not voting is reckless and irresponsible. It is not lost on me that professional or elite progressives are more likely to have tantrums, a personal agenda or choose to bypass talking to members of Congress by throwing in a 3rd option which got us into the predicament we are now in. I resent them and the people who drank the kook-aid because they should have been more aware of the obvious. Again, this is not your father’s conservative political party; it is a ruthless somewhat tyrannical, racist, exclusionist group. They do not deserve to govern, and as we see, the House of Representatives led by Republicans seem unable to represent all Americans let alone govern. I do not know about you but I have to ask myself daily if folks have been paying attention for the last 24months or watching even the slight opposition of our own members of Congress voting in ways that hamper President Obama. I was glad to see that most if not all blue dogs were voted out, yet the filibustering done by the Republican Tea Party, the stalling ,blocking and scaling down of bills, nominees has gone unacknowledged by most talking heads with strange comments of who ultimately has to take responsibility for the problems that are not getting solved. I read the op-ed and have since lumped Nichols with hamsher, Adam green, Arianna and others who clearly have an agenda that is far more left of center and while it makes sense to them left the whole idea is to represent all the people and that is a centrist. I would not begin to assume all people lean left but we do have two factions who seem to be willing to ruin it for everyone. I am not saying that I am happy with everything the President has done but weighing in on who has done more to stop progress is glaring not to mention McConnell’s statement to make Obama a one term President is just one of many reasons why we should all give the President a 2ndterm. I will say it …if Republicans had actually put in a good faith effort to move forward with legislation designed to help all Americans and the outcome was as we all see it today. I would have to think about whom to vote for in any election. The fact is …It is the Republicans Stupid. People need to get informed with facts not take an Op –Ed or opinion news to decide your future. I do know that legislation is created and passed by Congress, that Republicans & big Corporations are sitting on billions of dollars instead of investing in America, have laid off and outsourced over 1.5million jobs to china, India and Mexico since Obama was elected. It does not help when Americans hear news of a republican member of Congress possibly having bets against the system while in Congress seems illegal to me and crooks, liars and the shady need not apply to be a part of Congress or the Whitehouse.

I support Pres. Obama.  I know given the tools to move us forward, we all would have the opportunity for the following and much more such as green jobs, feel safe because we have gun reform, we could rest knowing that the Hyde Amendment is intact, have the right to choose and think for themselves. There was a time when we as a people cared about each other and believed in Fair Share. It is difficult to think people out there do not see the obstacles he has had getting legislation through let alone believe it is coming from an extreme part of the Republican Party and some conservadems.

The midterms are usually a no big deal event but voters though warned by President Obama, failed or refused to listen to what was at stake, members of Congress were too self-centered opting to focus on their own campaigns instead of what lay before them … American issues. There were pundits that obviously had some sway telling folks to stay home or to vote right of center if at all. I will never understand voting against your own interest when the stakes are so high and I will never forget the BS thrown at us by people who call themselves progressives who must have been right of center to begin with not to mention opinion news. People who actually vote need to use their own minds instead of listening to someone who really does not care about you however; they do care about their own ratings and wages though.

I still have hope for change but we need the audacity to see the future. Unfortunately, Republicans really want to protect right of center ideology …, which only about 20% of our population believes in – does this make any sense?

Who Really Has A “Right to Rise” Under jeb?

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Another Bush Is Running For President

Jeb Bush announced he is running for president today, surprising everyone who thought he already made that announcement six months ago. Nearly ten years after the end of his two terms as governor of Florida and after a major staff shakeup, Jeb has officially launched his campaign as an “inclusive” Republican. But despite his promises to “make opportunity common again,” Bush’s record as governor and his policy positions since suggest he is more likely to protect the opportunity of those who already have it. Bush’s tenure was marked by a decrease in access to higher education, access to the American dream, and access to justice —all critical to increased opportunity.

Ahead of Bush’s announcement, CAP action examined the impact of Bush’s policy positions and actions as governor and analyzed how they would impact the entire country. We found that the rhetoric we saw in his announcement speech today doesn’t match up with the reality of his leadership:

Affirmative Action:
Rhetoric: “We stopped processing kids along as if we didn’t care – because we do care, and you don’t show that by counting out anyone’s child. You give them all a chance.”

Reality: As governor of Florida, Jeb Bush repealed affirmative action for public higher education institutions, and as a result African American enrollment at Florida universities decreased by 10.9 percent. Over the same time period, African American enrollment in public universities nationwide actually increased by 3.5 percent. If, instead of increasing, national black enrollment decreased at the same rate Florida’s did, it would mean 13.9 percent fewer black students in these universities in 2013 – a total of 85,726 fewer black students enrolled. That’s equivalent to all the African American students in all California public universities – five times over.

Rhetoric: “The next president of the United States will pass meaningful immigration reform.”
Reality: Bush has been so vocal an opponent of President Obama’s executive action on immigration that he compared the president to a “Latin American dictator.” A report from the Center for American Progress shows that President Obama’s actions to reform our immigration system would grow our economy by $230 billion over ten years. Bush’s home state of Florida would see nearly $10 billion in GDP growth and allow 230,000 immigrants to come out of the shadows, work and pay taxes.

Stand Your Ground:
Rhetoric: “…Every life matters and everyone has the right to rise.”
Reality: We can thank Jeb Bush for signing the first “Stand Your Ground” law in the nation. In 2012, a study by the Tampa Bay Times of Stand Your Ground cases in Florida found that people who invoke the law to justify a killing are more likely to be successful if the victim was black: 73% of perpetrators who killed a black victim faced no penalty versus 59% of perpetrators who killed a white victim. Since Bush passed the Stand Your Ground Law a defendant in Florida is 24 percent more likely to win a case if the victim were black than if the victim were white. Florida’s law paved the way for other states to adopt similar laws, which have contributed to an additional 600 homicides per year.

Rhetoric: Bush talks often about giving everyone the ability to rise up, lamenting that, “we’re moving to a world that is sticky in the ends, where it’s harder for people in poverty to move up and where the rich are doing really well and the middle is getting squeezed.”
Reality: Bush may say that everyone has the right to rise, but while governor he opposed a federal effort to expand paid sick leave, a policy that heavily impacts working women. Instead of opening the door to opportunity, Bush said these types of policies “are best left to businesses.” But passing paid leave would benefit the more than 40 million American workers that can’t take a single day off work to recover from an illness or take care of a family member without risking losing their jobs.

BOTTOM LINE: On these issues and many more, Jeb Bush is a divider, not a uniter. His announcement speech today was full of rhetoric promising to expand opportunity for hard working Americans, but Bush’s record paints a much different picture.