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Donna De La Cruz, Reform Immigration FOR America

immigrationa repost from April 2015

Republicans in Congress spent two years blocking immigration reform from becoming law, forcing President Obama to find a solution by providing relief to immigrant families through Expanded DACA and DAPA. Now, a group of Republicans Governors and Attorneys General have gone out of their way to obstruct progress once again by getting an anti-immigrant judge in Texas to issue an injunction delaying relief programs.

Republican attacks on our community are happening in Congress and the courts–they want to make life as hard as possible for our community. They want us to be discouraged. They want us to quit. But we cannot!

Push back on Republicans by publicly showing that you support justice for immigrant families! Click here to share your support for our community on Facebook and click here to show your support on Twitter!

Republicans want the public to believe that their lawsuit is about President Obama’s use of power, but don’t be fooled–their lawsuit is about denying peace and justice to immigrants and their families. Delaying administrative relief means taking mothers and fathers from their children. It means keeping bright and ambitious young people from following their dreams and attending college. It means deporting hardworking community members, disrupting cities and towns across the country. Does that sound like justice to you?

Stand with families and demand justice for immigrants and their families–share the images to show solidarity with immigrant families everywhere! Click here to share on Facebook and click here to retweet on Twitter!

We have to keep fighting, because while Republicans in Congress and in the states play their political games, it’s our families and our communities that suffer. We cannot give in: the law is ultimately on our side, we need only to keep faith and prepare for the day when the injunction is lifted and we can proceed with administrative relief. Share these images on your Facebook and Twitter to show that you stand with immigrants in demanding justice!

With determination,

Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America

P.S. Not on Facebook or Twitter? Help us spread the word! Forward this email to a friend so they can show their support for the rights of immigrants and their families!

Sustainable Architecture


“So here I stand before you preaching organic architecture: declaring organic architecture to be the modern ideal…”      ~Frank Lloyd Wright

featured Photo is from the internet

Save the Brazilian Amazon’s last tributary from destruction

Photo credit: Aaron Vincent Elkaim

Believe it or not there is only one major tributary in the Brazilian Amazon that still runs free – the pristine Tapajós River. Today, the Tapajós and its vast forests are at risk of imminent destruction from the Brazilian government’s plans to build 29 large dams and approximately 80 smaller dams across its tributaries. Local communities such as the Mundurukú people, whose ancestral lands would be flooded, are fiercely resisting this devastation. Please donate today and support our work to keep the Tapajós running free.

“The fact is that there is only one earth and that nature provides everything. This is the indigenous reality and that is why our peoples are uniting in order to put an end to the damage caused by the Federal Government.”
– Mundurukú Chief Saw

Working with the Mundurukú, we have already made a difference: last year, our collective efforts forced Brazil’s Ministry of Mines and Energy to postpone the dam’s license. Yet, we‘re aware that this victory, while important, is temporary.

Only the Mundurukú’s resolve and support from people around the world will defend the Tapajós basin, helping to preserve rivers, rainforests, and our climate. That’s why Amazon Watch stands with the Mundurukú while advocating for clean energy alternatives. We are advancing solutions that respect the rights of indigenous cultures, promote truly renewable energy sources, and allow the Amazon to thrive as it works to regulate our global climate.

The Mundurukú are our frontline allies in the struggle to save our planet from the devastation of climate change. How the world responds to their call reflects the choices we make about our own future. Today we invite you to make a choice in favor of people and planet.

For the Amazon,

What does Social Security mean to you?

In one of the first acts of this session of Congress, House Republicans adopted a rule that manufactured a crisis in Social Security. Their hope is to use a manmade catastrophe in the Social Security Disability program as a Trojan horse for their attacks on Social Security as a whole.

We’re not going to let them win. Social Security has served our nation in good stead for nearly 80 years. It works, and it will continue to work so long as Republicans don’t break this sacred promise.

I want to tell my Republican colleagues exactly what an end to Social Security would mean to the American people. Help me by sharing your stories — click this link, and tell me how Social Security helps your family.