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Chief Raoni

In just two weeks, Brazil will host the 2014 World Cup and a massive influx of people from around the world who are planning to visit the world of soccer and samba.

What most Brazilians and global soccer lovers don’t know, however, is that the new stadiums and infrastructure costing upwards of $10 billion come at the expense of basic social needs, human rights and the environment. In response, civil society in Brazil is rising up and taking action.

500 people from over 100 distinct cultures are in Brazil’s capital
this week for the National Indigenous Mobilization and
they need your support!

They have come to Brasilia to defend their rights and their territories from a massive attack, waged by the agribusiness lobby and “ruralist” caucus of Congress. These business interests and their representatives in Congress have stopped the demarcation of indigenous lands and are working to limit indigenous rights that are guaranteed in the 1988 Constitution.

Yesterday, indigenous leaders delivered declarations against these attacks to the Supreme Court and Congress. They then joined public workers protesting the World Cup. Signs read, “WORLD CUP FOR WHOM?” and “FIFA NO. DEMARCATION YES.” The peaceful demonstration was met by a violent response by the national police force. Legendary Kayapo Chief Cacique Raoni and hundreds of men, women and children were tear gassed in a harbinger of what’s to come in a couple of weeks as the World Cup begins in this Amazonian country.

Can there be indigenous rights and the World Cup? We think it’s possible, but there’s a long way to go if that’s to be. For that to happen we need to add our fullest support to this fight against entrenched businesses and corruption and for the rights of indigenous forest peoples of the Amazon.

Please show your support for the National Indigenous Mobilization today.
Your support will help protect and ensure that these indigenous representatives in Brasilia this week are heard today, during the World Cup and beyond.

For Indigenous Rights and the Amazon,

Leila Salazar-Lopez

Leila Salazar-Lopez

mayor murray … Seattle

Housing Affordability and Livability

Housing Affordability and Livability AgendaMayor Murray and members of City Council have called together leaders in our community to help develop a bold agenda for increasing the affordability and availability of housing in our city by convening a Housing Affordability and Livability Advisory Committee

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Today Mayor Ed Murray announced the 2015 recipient of the 10th Annual Mayor’s Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film, Megan Griffiths. The award recognizes an individual or entity for exceptional work that has significantly contributed to the growth, advancement and reputation of Seattle as a filmmaking city. “Megan’s passion for filming locally and attracting new […]
more info   5/13/2015
The Seattle Department of Planning and Development has released for public comment a Draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Seattle 2035 Comprehensive Plan Update. This is a major milestone towards an update to the City’s Comprehensive Plan which plots a 20-year vision and roadmap for Seattle’s future growth and livability. The Draft EIS provides […]
Mayor Ed Murray issued the following statement after today’s meeting of the Port of Seattle Commission: “I commend the Port Commission for deciding that the arrival of an off-shore drilling rig should be delayed until the proper permits are in place. I now hope Shell will respect the wishes of the Port, the City and […]

2015-16 Budget

2015-16 Proposed BudgetAn overview of Mayor Murray’s 2015-16 budget highlights, including work on public safety, homelessness, and labor standards..

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Broadband Initiative

High Speed BroadbandInternet access is the infrastructure challenge of the early 21st century. The City must continue to explore all options that would increase the availability of competitive, affordable gigabit broadband internet access.

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Seattle Preschool Program

Seattle Preschool ProgramMayor Murray’s Seattle Preschool Program ballot measure proposing the following: a four-year, $58 million levy to fund a demonstration phase of the Seattle Preschool Program that will build toward serving 2,000 children in 100 classrooms by 2018.

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FDR had something to say about voting

Franklin D. Roosevelt once said

“Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting.”

Milan de Vries, Civic Action

Dear Washington member,

A MoveOn member named UW Academic Workers For A Democratic University recently created a petition on our public petition website entitled “UW: Comply with Seattle’s Historic $15/hr Min Wage Ordinance”—and we’d like to know what you think of it.

The petition is addressed to Ana Mari Cauce, Interim President, Mindy Kornberg, Vice President of Human Resources, Peter Denis, Assistant Vice President of Human Resources, V’Ella Warren, Senior Vice President, Kristianne Blake, UW Regent, Jeremy Jaech, UW Regent, Joanne Harrell, UW Regent, Rogelio Riojas, UW Regent, Constance Rice, UW Regents, Pat Shanahan, UW Regent, and William S. Ayer, UW Regent, Chair, and reads:

I demand that the University of Washington comply with the $15/hr Seattle minimum wage ordinance by raising the wages of 12,000 campus workers –including 8,700 student workers – paid less than $15/hr.

Sign UW’s petition.

Here’s what UW wrote about it:

On April 1, 2015, Seattle took its first step towards a $15 minimum wage by requiring all employers with over 500 workers to pay at least $11/hr. Despite being the single largest employer in Seattle, the University of Washington administration has argued that it’s not obligated to pay $15/hr to campus workers. This means that over 12,000 campus workers are at risk of not receiving a much-needed wage increase – including over 8,700 student workers, who have seen UW tuition rise 82% since 2008.

Academically, UW is ranked among the best universities worldwide; unfortunately, UW is also home to an ever-growing gap between the highest-paid administrators and the lowest-paid hourly workers. Instead of increasing student fees/tuition, or cutting research funding and campus jobs, the UW can and should provide living wage jobs for ALL campus workers by redistributing funds from highly-paid administrators to the most marginalized workers on campus. If every other employ er in Seattle can pay at least $15/hr, so can UW.

Can you click to let us know what you think?

I want to sign this petition.

I don’t think MoveOn should support this petition.

We’ll decide whether to send this petition out to additional MoveOn members in your area based on your feedback.

In case you haven’t heard about it, MoveOn’s petition site allows anyone to start an online petition and share it with friends and neighbors to build support for their cause.

Thanks for all you do.

–Milan, Maria, Manny, Bobby, and the rest of the team