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The President Addresses the GLACIER Conference 8/31

Breaking News: Victory for Pregnant Workers at Supreme Court

A Better Balance The Work and Family Legal Center

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Rally at the Supreme Court in Support of Peggy Young

ABB’s Elizabeth Gedmark MC’ing the rally in support of pregnant workers before the Supreme Court.
Photo Credit Jeffrey Martin
The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Peggy Young, a pregnant worker, in the Young v. UPS case today.
Today marks a significant victory for Peggy Young and for the principle that pregnant women cannot be treated worse than many of their peers in the workplace. The Supreme Court’s ruling affirmed the intent of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, as we argued in our amicus brief this fall.
Peggy’s case is still alive, and will return to the lower court to determine, as the Court put it, “why, when the employer accommodated so many, could it not accomodate pregnant women as well?” 
While we celebrate the Court’s opinion, pregnant workers seeking accommodations still face an uphill battle, in many instances. Today’s decision leaves much uncertainty surrounding their rights, especially when they have no way to know how other comparable workers are being treated.
Now that the Court has weighed in, it’s time for Congress to step up. 
Please send an urgent message to Washington in support of pregnant workers. 
Urge your representatives to support and co-sponsor the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act. 
The Pregnant Workers Fairness Act would ensure that all workers with medical needs arising out of pregnancy have a right to accommodations—just as workers with disabilities do.  States and cities across the country have passed similar laws and now Congress must act so that all women have the same right.
Today’s families rely on women’s salaries to make ends meet. They need the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act–they simply cannot afford anything less.
Thank you for all that you do to support women and families,
The A Better Balance Team,
Sherry, Dina, Phoebe, Jared, Elizabeth, Risha, Morenike, Rachel, Jake, Molly & Lynn


wife and unborn baby

Petitioning Colorado Governor, Colorado State House, Colorado State Senate

Allow special enrollment periods for pregnant women

Petition by Sean Jenks
Broomfield, Colorado

2 sisters in India to be gang raped and paraded naked, sentenced by unelected all-male court






















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