Texas Senate approves abortion restrictions

By Devin Kelly
The passage comes after a week of demonstrations on both sides; a previous attempt to vote ended with the dramatic filibuster by state Sen. Wendy Davis.

Rand Paul’s Confederacy Scandal Is Not an Anomaly — Libertarianism Is a ‘Philosophy’ That Papers Over Deep Racism in America

Thom HartmannAlterNet

Libertarianism truly is the velvet glove of a nice-sounding “freedom” policy that covers the iron fist of five hundred years of genocide and apartheid in America. READ MORE»





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Harry Reid Senate Dems and the Headlines : November 2012

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mild Monday &Some News

just another rant … not just mine

A comment came in to respond to an article i posted written by Cecil re: McConnell & his Party. I admit i am very cynical about the majority of us being fixated on or off of FOX news  enough to assimilate info and or fact check enough to have opinions or make informed decisions – the mid-terms were a great example of how FOX  helped create , push and elect a group of extreme conservatives whose agenda is to take their country back

HER:Tired of snarky McConnell comments.  The majority of us are not fixed to FOX news, can assimilate information and fact check before forming opinions.  Fact: Congress has used the filibuster to stall progress now more than at any other time in history.  If Obama could make strides here/without Congress/as he has in war policy….people would be back to work!  Nov. 2010 GOP newbies, worst mistake ever…………vote!

ME: Actually, I am in total agreement with your facts about Congress, the filibuster and the new low Teapublicans have shown Americans because they have decided to use the filibuster more than any other time in history to stall progress and defeat a President. I am not so sure that was the primary reason for the act of a filibuster. It is not protecting the American People at all and those Senators who are abusing the spirit of the filibuster should be held accountable.  I am an Obama supporter.  I get divided government but what we see going on in Congress led by Teapublicans is beyond anything We the People should accept and or allow. I have not lost the audacity of hope and or change. In my opinion, we need a Congress that functions For the People& By the People and works with the President of the United States not a Congress that filibusters at the expense of ALL the People. We also need our center left people to open their eyes. I want them to take a hard look at how Teapublicans have chosen to control the House of Representatives. I need them to compare and contrast just what President Obama has done given he became the captain of ship already sinking, has tried to be bipartisan as any President should but given the cold shoulder by an extremely conservative group of people who say they want smaller Government but ask them about social issues and they freak out. I believe this group I call Teapublicans if given the opportunity with or without McConnell want to make President Obama a one-term President.  I believe the Midterm elections were no fluke and indeed FOX had a lot to with it. I feel their scare tactics have always been directed to targeted people like the poor working class, older people, those on the edge of equaility and those against immigration under any circumstance. The info coming from FOX was scary enough that our Older people voted right of center, some gays voted right of center in protest and even more decided to stay home which was pushed by both sides of the political meme. Yes, i too am tired of the silly, offensive and questionable McConnell comments but they are getting airtime on both conservative and liberal media. It is my hope that with proper vetting the truth backed with a whole lot of facts will be brought forth over the next few months with an overwhelming number of people voting for President Obama2012 and sanity prevails.

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