History, Rebellion and Reconciliation : NMAAHC

NMAAHC -- National Museum of African American History and Culture

The Smithsonian’s National Museum
of African American History and Culture
presents a national conversation by hosting a daylong symposium,

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Saturday, April 25, 2015, 9:45am to 8:30pm EDT
National Museum of the American Indian
Rasmuson Theater
Independence and 4th St SW
Washington, D.C.

 Metro: Orange and Blue lines, L’Enfant Plaza or Federal Center SW
The symposium will be live streamed via Ustream

Admission is free and open to the public; however, seating is on a first-come, first-served basis and reservations are recommended. Reserve your free tickets by visiting Eventbrite. Please note if you wish to attend all panels, be sure to reserve a ticket for each panel.

A police shooting of an unarmed black man in Ferguson, Mo., this summer, along with other shootings by police officers around the county, led to weeks of protests in communities around the country. “We need to explore what this moment in our nation’s history means, especially in terms of leadership,” said Lonnie Bunch III, NMAAHC director. “What impact does generational change have on leadership and faith communities? What are the lessons to be learned from Ferguson, particularly within the context of community mobilization?”
Symposium Schedule

9:45am, director Lonnie Bunch opens the symposium and welcomes guests, followed by a discussion with Rev. Willis H. Johnson, pastor of Ferguson’s Wellspring Church. Willis will describe the conditions that led to the distrust between law enforcement and the city’s African American community.

10:30am-12:30pm, panel #1, “Ferguson: Impact, Importance & Long-Range Hopes.” This panel explores the evolution of the media, community leadership and activism as they relate to communities organized against excessive police force and economic inequality. Panel moderated by Juan Williams, journalist and Fox News political analyst. Panelists include: Lisa Crooms, Howard University law professor; Opal Tometi, founder of Black Lives Matter; Rev. F. Willis Johnson Jr., pastor Wellspring Church, Ferguson.

1:30pm to 2:30 pm, “On Art and History: A Conversation with Ava DuVernay.” Selma director, DuVernay, will discuss filmmaking and the creative responses to historic events such as the Selma to Montgomery march.

3:00pm – 5pm, panel #2, “Ferguson & Faith in the 21st Century.” This panel addresses the past, present and future roles of faith organizations as advocates for social change. It also examines changing roles of faith leaders. Moderated by Rex Ellis, NMAAHC associate director of curatorial affairs, the panel includes: Jeff Johnson, journalist and motivational speaker; Renee Harrison, Howard University School of Divinity professor and former Los Angeles police officer; Lerone A. Martin, assistant professor of Religion and Politics, John C. Danforth Center on Religion and Politics, Washington University, St. Louis; Rev. Osagyefo Uhuru Sekou, pastor, theologian, author, and community organizer; Stephanie Wolfe, dissertation fellow, John C. Danforth Center.

6:30pm – 8:30pm, panel #3, “#Words Matter: Making Revolution Irresistible.” This panel features the response of the creative community to excessive police violence, racism and communal demands for equality. Moderated by Jared Ball, associate professor of Communications, Morgan State University. The panel includes: Mark Bolden, psychologist and co-moderator; Jasiri X, Spoken Word artist; Jamilah Lemieux, senior digital editor, Ebony magazine; Jef Tate: DJ, Words, Beats and Life.

Other Presentations during the Symposium

12:30pm – 1:30pm, “Citizen” works by award-winning poet Claudia Rankine, interpreted on film by director John Lucas. The film shorts, titled Situation #1through 5, are based on Rankine’s book Citizen: An American Lyric.

5:00pm – 6 pm, view a slide presentation of social justice related objects from the museum’s collection and select artists, accompanied by a mix from DJ Jef Tate of “Words, Beats and Life.”

For questions about the symposium, email NMAAHCpubpgms@si.edu.

View the daylong symposium at Ustream. A dialogue on social media will be held throughout the symposium. The public may follow the museum on Twitter @NMAAHC to participate in the discussion using #HRRlive or #WordsMatter.

For more information, visit www.nmaahc.si.edu or call (202) 633-1000(202) 633-1000.

Recap: The President’s Town Hall with Working Women

President Obama traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina yesterday for a special conversation with working women, co-hosted with leading women’s sites BlogHer and SheKnows.

The President made clear that more hardworking and middle-class Americans deserve the chance to get ahead. To do this, we need to expand access to child care, make higher education more affordable, cut taxes for middle-class families, and ensure women and men receive equal pay for doing the same job.

See what else President Obama said at yesterday’s town hall, and hear what people from across the country told the President.

Watch: President Obama speaks at the BlogHer and SheKnows town hall.

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100 days of Failure


Assessing The Republican Congress’s First Hundred Days

When Republicans took control over the Senate after last year’s midterms, new Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that his main goal for the party was to be responsible, not scary . Yesterday marked the first 100 days of the GOP-controlled 114th Congress, and the results have proven that McConnell and his caucus have not lived up to their promise. Since January, House and Senate Republicans have supported policies that threaten the future of our economic recovery, would limit access to health care, protect big polluters by obstructing action on climate change, and put our national security at risk.

Here are just a few of the many examples of the GOP’s’ failed leadership so far this Congress:

The GOP-led Congress prioritized the interests of the few, with budgets that would hurt working families.

  • Congressional Republican leaders’ rhetoric is now filled with references to inequality, the struggling middle class, and stagnant wages. But in reality, their budget would slash education funding for 1.9 million disadvantaged students, strip 16.4 million Americans of health care coverage, eliminate job training for 2 million workers, cut 2,250 medical and scientific research grants, drop 35,000 preschoolers from Head Start and more.
  • On top of that, House GOP leaders plan to give even more tax cuts to the wealthiest Americans, including an expected vote to repeal the estate tax this week.

Congress continued to sabotage the Affordable Care Act, despite the fact that over 16 million Americans are now covered thanks to the law.

  • One of the first votes in the House of Representatives of the 114th Congress was to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This is just one in the now nearly 60 votes in Congress to repeal the Affordable Care Act over the past five years, with more expected when this Congress votes on a budget in the coming weeks. And despite their many promises, Republicans still haven’t offered a significant replacement bill.
  • Through King v. Burwell, a suit brought by conservatives, the Supreme Court could also strike a major blow to the ACA later this year. Yet Republicans have refused to offer a legislative fix to protect the millions of Americans that would lose insurance and prevent the health care system from devolving into chaos.

GOP leadership is trying to obstruct efforts to address climate change, with no energy policy of their own.

  • There is no other issue on which the 114th Congress has actively tried to stunt progress or do harm as much as climate and energy. According to a new report by the Center for American Progress, this Congress has held more roll-call votes on energy and environmental issues than any other topic, with 8 in the House and 22 in the Senate related to the Keystone XL pipeline alone.
  • In fact, the U.S. Senate has cast more votes to remove protections of wilderness areas, block new parks, and sell-off public lands than it has to address defense, immigration, and veterans’ issues combined.

The Republicans’ mass deportation agenda was front and center, even putting national security at risk.

There are many other issues they have failed to lead on as well. Rather than pass proactive legislation to improve women’s health, for example, this Congress has introduced over 20 bills to restrict access to abortion and inserted harmful and irrelevant abortion restrictions in important bills, impeding their progress. And Senate Republicans have continued to hold hostage the nomination of Loretta Lynch for attorney general, despite her bipartisan support and overwhelming qualifications.

BOTTOM LINE: With Congress under new management, the body has completely become a place where the interests of working families are put on the chopping block, where attacks on education, health care, a clean and safer planet are commonplace while immigrant families are repeatedly threatened. In these first 100 days of the GOP-controlled Congress, only the wealthiest and the biggest polluters have come out ahead.

Clean Bandit … Easter Sunday Concert in MN



I think Yahoo made the Clean Bandit concert on Easter Sunday available to watch over and over if you are so inclined for those who got too busy, forgot, tuned in late or got the time completely wrong and missed it all. I was using Minneapolis time 2hrs earlier; thankfully, I only missed one song ~ I lucked out.  I hope no one missed the concert because of my misinformation

 The concert! My take …   Check it out!

 It was tight; this crowd from the Midwest danced, sang and appreciated Clean Bandit with a fab house electronic/classical sound! The smooth transitions from song to song made it more fun… Elisabeth troy works that voice hard and sounds unbelievable live. The backdrop and lighting were great! I definitely loved what Elisabeth and Grace wore, the boys looked tidy. My favourites, probably all fan favourites got some major play on Easter Sunday. I have to say I screamed quietly  when I heard the intro to Nightingale!, they did Stronger and Etroy’s classic homage  “Show Me Love” probably betta than any along with one of a couple of new songs they have called “Superstar” as Elisabeth troy, said…. something Jack has been cooking up in the lab; it was hot and well Jack’s got skills on that song, sounding hot on the sax. If anything, maybe the background girls need to be just a little louder on that song, but not too loud, because fans want to hear Elisabeth’s voice!  Damn! Elisabeth did some things with her voice, no one else can. I have to say, Grace sounded pretty good in this concert, Neil is kind of skinny, but by far the best looking skilled house music/classical violinist and Dj I have seen ever; time to get him more violin solos and maybe singing with Elisabeth suffice it to say Jack on the sax was incredible and Luke ..Yes, we kind of leave him out, but the guy is an expert on the drums or as some say percussions. If you have seen him, he is clearly NOT just a drummer! Hey, it is exciting and we all love that they are adding more instruments into the mix…

Just admit it … The connections/interactions the obvious love of music between Elisabeth and Neil are always a highlight …um yeah, they hot and we love them for it!

Overall, they were incredible! Hey, that’s just my view

hope to see them in September

 @cleanbandit https://screen.yahoo.com/live/event/clean-bandit via @YahooLive

Check it out yourself, if it’s still available

Thanks to Yahoo and Clean Bandit for a great Easter Show

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