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Benghazi! House Republicans cut Funding for Embassy Security !

Oct 10, 2012 by    

     Rep. Chaffetz defends his criticism of the handling of Libyan consulate security despite voting to cut embassy funding.
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Mitt Romney’s views toward Women …

Truth Team

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President Obama won the last debate and laid out the clear choice in this election. Americans saw a strong, steady and decisive president with a vision and plan to move this country forward. And when Mitt Romney tried to mislead voters — which was pretty often — the President exposed the real Romney.
 Romney was shifty when it came to women’s issues. He gave an awkward and dishonest answer about his refusal to stand up for legislation that helps women fight back when they don’t receive equal pay for equal work. While the President talked about women as breadwinners for American families, Romney talked about them as resumes in a “binder.” Romney also didn’t tell the truth about his plan to take away women’s access to affordable contraception by repealing Obamacare, or his support of an extreme proposal to put employers in charge of whether female employees can get contraception through their insurance plan. Today, his campaign called the issue of birth control “peripheral” for most women. Um, ok.
Take a look at this video we put together on Romney’s trouble with women’s issues, and then share it with others:

Video: Debate wrap

  Women’s issues weren’t the only area where Romney stumbled, though. Take a look:
Wrong on taxes Romney continued to push his mathematically impossible tax math last night, while avoiding getting into any of the specifics in his plan. The President pointed out that Romney would have turned down a “sketchy deal” like the one he’s offering the American people when he worked as an investor — take a look.
Wrong on Libya President Obama reiterated his commitment to tracking down those people responsible for the attacks on our consulate and bringing them justice. Mitt Romney tried to score points by saying President Obama didn’t identify the attack in Benghazi as an act of terror for two weeksa falsehood that both the President and the debate moderator called Romney out on.
Wrong on immigration Romney wasn’t honest last night about his own promise to veto the DREAM Act or his support for self-deportation and Arizona’s extreme anti-immigrant law, but he did call young undocumented Americans “illegals” while the President spoke about their dreams. Get the facts on what Romney’s real immigration policies are.
If you watched, you know that President Obama won the debate last night — so don’t hesitate to say so. Watch this video, and share it with your friends and family:


White House Curator

whitehouse has uploaded Catching up with the Curator: The White House Fire of 1814.
Catching up with the Curator: The White House Fire of 1814
Go inside the White House with White House Curator Bill Allman as he shows you how the effects of the White House fire of 1814 still linger untill this day. For information on fire prevention or general emergency preparedness head on over to http://www.ready.gov

President Obama’s weekly Address : Fallen Heroes

President Obama speaks about the tragic loss of four of our fellow Americans who were serving in our diplomatic post in Benghazi, Libya. These Americans represented the best of our country; without people like them, we could not sustain our freedoms or security, or provide the leadership that the entire world depends on. During this time of turmoil in many different countries, the President makes it clear that the United States has a profound respect for people of all faiths, but as Commander in Chief, he will never tolerate efforts to harm our fellow Americans and will ensure that those who attack our people find no escape from justice.More