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The current budget from the Senate virtually stop all water protection work done by the department of ecology.

While Sierra Club has managed to stop a number of bad bills this session that would have reduced state authority to protect streams and clean water, we are now facing an even greater threat. The State Senate, with strong support from agribusiness and developers has just passed a budget that would cut the Department of Ecology’s Water Resources Program by 50%! This would effectively eliminate enforcement of our water laws and dramatically reduce efforts to protect clean and abundant water for salmon and our families.
Contact your legislators and ask them to reject ESSB 5034 and restore funding to Department of Ecology programs.

We need to protect clean and abundant water supplies in our state.  We need to let legislators know that our water supplies must be protected!

Please help us protect the Department of Ecology.

We are also working hard to make sure that the legislature adopts a Transportation Budget that does not exacerbate climate problems. We support a package that promotes transit and bike / pedestrian projects.We want to make sure that new road projects are properly scaled and designed to reduce urban sprawl and climate impacts. Contact Cody young at to receive alerts on this topic.

Thanks for all you do for the environment,

Brian Kilgore,
Sierra Club Cascade Chapter

Relocating endangered deer


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Crews have been working to relocate the endangered Columbian white-tailed deer from the Julia Butler Reserve. A dike built in the 1920s is eroding and the area may soon flood daily.

No Shame …


Media Matters for America  
 Attacking the First Lady for a brief, harmless appearance. Being ashamed of their country. Proudly discussing their love for conspiracy theories. Pushing claims that aren’t backed up by the evidence. This week we’re looking at what happens when media act with irresponsible impunity.John Whitehouse
Twitter: @existentialfish

Michelle Obama Attacked

After being asked, Michelle Obama made a surprise appearance via video at the Academy Awards, and predictably right-wing media attacked her for it. Washington Postpolitical blogger Jennifer Rubin, Fox News Radio’s Todd Starnes, and others lashed out at the First Lady, even though Laura Bush, Ronald Reagan, and even Franklin D. Roosevelt had previously participated in the Oscars.

Ted Nugent, Alex Jones & The NRA

9/11 truther and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones hosted NRA board member and columnist Ted Nugent. It quickly turned into a mutual love fest. Timothy Johnson looks at a number of key moments that reveal just how extreme the NRA really is:

Bob Woodward Joins The Phony Outrage Machine

Bob Woodward went on a media tour claiming that he was threatened by the White House over his since debunked claims about the sequester. But recently revealed emails show it was a civil conversation between Woodward and the White House. Eric Boehlertexamines Woodward’s claim:

Conservative Media Inspire Unpopular Wrestlers

Recent wrestling characters have been widely booed across the country for their position on immigration. But while Glenn Beck called them a conservative stereotype, Oliver Willis demonstrates line by line that what these characters say is taken right from conservative media figures, including Beck himself.


Rush Limbaugh declared that for the first time in his life, he is ashamed of his country. Well, Rush, the feeling is mutual:


Politico heavily pushed the narrative that Bob Woodward was threatened by the White House. But when they released the full transcipt of emails, it was clear they were hyping a bogus allegation without the full context. Simon Maloy examines Politico‘s approach:


Right-wing media are echoing a claim that Obamacare will add trillions to the deficit. It’s nonsense:


Part of the Voting Rights Act is being challenged at the Supreme Court, so Fox News ran a segment on it. Unfortunately, that segment was riddled with errors:


The Sisyphean Challenge Of Climate Change Denialism

Intro Reality Drop !

The Climate Reality Project

Dear friends,

Way too often I hear and read blatantly false statements about climate change, namely that it doesn’t exist. It’s very frustrating — and it makes me want to fight back and make sure we all hear the truth.

There’s a new online tool called Reality Drop from The Climate Reality Project, along with Arnold Worldwide, built to spread the truth and destroy denial around climate change. This is the REAL information from scientists’ decades of research, not government or corporations. Give it a try.

Visit Reality Drop and get started!

There are two things I’m passionate about: my music and nature. Therefore, I’m passionate we get it right about climate change so we may continue to enjoy music and our precious environment. Reality Drop is a way to respond to those who deny climate change and make sure our friends have access to the truth — and have fun while we’re at it.

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Visit Reality Drop!


Jason Mraz

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