Is it Spring …


Well, Climate Change decided to make a visit … if you have time please donate to the people enduring the Super Typhoon Maysak Targets the Philippines; At Least 5 Killed in Micronesia .

The Calendar says it’s spring, though we all know, it really is not yet because it is still cold and snowing in the Northeast and in a not to subtle way the Northwest experienced the opposite of that cliché about the close of March. As March 31 went out, a freak storm decided to land here in the Northwest.  While cat5’s were unrelenting in Micronesia possibly Philippines the NW not only got it snow in our Mountains in what has been a dry ski season, but Thunder in some areas so loud setting off car alarms, enough Wind to take trees out and enough Hail accumulation to like a blast of snow blew through.

So, Happy April 1, 2015

We lefties out in the North West were cold. Yes, it is starting to warm up, those on West Coast are boiling right now and the East Coast  not only experienced the arctic vortex the snow seemed to keep on and on is going on suffice to say a lot of folks lost salaries and some businesses are no longer in business but rebuilding . The snow, which did not make a substantial appearance here in the NW left the ski season dry, some counties are suffering from drought while most of Washington State saw flowers blooming early. Then the temperatures dropped, the rain and some powerful storms blew through and did some damage.

Now, there have been a few days that were spring like, my spring magazines coming in the mail are bursting with Spring Colours wanting us all to wear lightweight clothes, buy short sleeves or less. I am guessing most are trying to layer or wear some version of thermal even if we used to hear “fashion industry experts” talk about not wearing leggings for pants, but let’s all admit it, we are still  wearing leggings because they’re comfy and its cold though “the media” says we look frumpy! Some are all cotton maybe all poly or a blend but the ones that are thermal or fleece are here to stay, at least until spring actually gets here. Well, I believe in layering and out here, jeans/leggings are definitely a staple but … but sometimes they just do not look right or fit the situation. Therefore, I am suggesting medium to heavy weight, sleeveless jumpers and sheaths, the other closet staple. We can wear them with a multitude of tops ,turtlenecks, long sleeves, short sleeves, and on top of that a great cardigan or chunky sweater … white black blues reds yellows, coral etc. … and if needed top it off with a blazer … shoot, throw a black chunky beach sweater on with some boots ! We all have to get creative and prepared when the weather …climate change is what it is.  I can imagine so many diff looks and if the material is sustainable, it stands to live a long life looking great but different depending on what you do it can also be worn with sandals, pumps and stilettos too. I love the next generation of leggings and jeans because they have gone high tech and with the right shoe… fantabulous. If you have been watching, there has been an attitude adjustment on leggings since the east coast has had to battle extreme cold weather. Truth be told, layering allows you to “strip” down as the temp rises and maybe you’ve got somewhere to go after work that needs to say “evening” not “work” and trust me when I say the only jeans you need when you “think” boyfriend” are 501’s


So, go to the next legging level


first posted 2013

Is your state going through urban renewal rebuilding and displacing


:  the process of renewal and rebuilding accompanying the influx of upper-income or affluent people into deteriorating areas that often displaces poorer residents.
Below is a quote from Goodread
“In the twenty-first century, the visions of J.C. Nichols and Walt Disney have come full circle and joined. “Neighborhoods” are increasingly “developments,” corporate theme parks. But corporations aren’t interested in the messy ebb and flow of humanity. They want stability and predictable rates of return. And although racial discrimination is no longer a stated policy for real estate brokers and developers, racial and social homogeneity are still firmly embedded in America’s collective idea of stability; that’s what our new landlords are thinking even if they are not saying it. (138)”
Tanner Colby, Some of My Best Friends Are Black: The Strange Story of Integration in America

a message from Gov. Inslee

When I released my budget, I said that we needed to reinvest in Washington. I stated that we need to find a sustainable, long-term solution to funding what we care about most: our schools, our infrastructure, our health, and our environment. To that end, I proposed that we raise revenues in two major ways: by charging our state’s biggest polluters and by introducing a capital gains tax.

It is an ambitious plan, and it’s one I believe we need in order to move our state forward.

Yesterday, the House released its budget, and while we’re still reviewing the details, I support the general framework of their plan.

Here’s why:

This budget is fair. It includes capital gains as a revenue source that would raise millions by taxing a small group of the wealthiest Washingtonians. It also raises revenue by closing tax loopholes.

This budget is balanced. By introducing new revenue streams like the capital gains tax, it allows for increased investment in our schools, our health, and our infrastructure.

This budget invests in our people. It provides funding for early learning, a tuition freeze, and mental health services.

This is an approach I can support.

I’m disappointed that the House didn’t include my proposed carbon market program because we know that a healthy environment is one more investment in our future that we need to make. I’ll continue to advocate for programs that will reduce carbon pollution, and am glad that the House leadership committed to continue working on this measure as budget negotiations continue.

The important thing to know is this: For nearly half a decade, we’ve been cutting essential services and neglecting our duty to invest in the future. That stops now.

It’s time, once again, that we invest in Washington.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee

Road Block – Chris Christie


A one-man roadblock to progress. It’s what I see when I look at Chris Christie.

Just look at the guy’s record as governor:

  • Vetoed equal pay
  • Vetoed marriage equality
  • Slashed family planning funding
  • Vetoed a minimum wage increase
  • 400,000 people unemployed in New Jersey

And he’s the first anti-choice governor of New Jersey since Roe v. Wade.

It’s right there in front of us — Chris Christie is the wrong governor for New Jersey.

Christie’s set on being a brick wall against New Jersey’s progressive values. So let’s beat this guy and elect a pro-choice Democratic woman in his place.

Contribute to Barbara Buono right now and stop Christie in his tracks before he gets the chance to take his roadblock any further.

The guy only gets worse when you look at the company he keeps.
Scott Walker — Wisconsin’s dreadfully anti-worker governor — hosted a fundraiser for Christie, and Christie has called Walker “courageous” for his attacks on working families.

Mitt Romney called Christie the future of the Republican Party.

And fellow extremist-in-disguise Scott Brown fundraised for Christie just a couple months ago.

I’ll tell you what, I wouldn’t mind a repeat performance of a true progressive sending a faux moderate packing — just like Elizabeth Warren did to Scott Brown.
Barbara Buono’s spent her career doing everything possible to improve the lives of New Jersey’s women and families. She’s everything Christie isn’t: staunchly pro-choice, a true friend to workers, and dedicated to real service for the people of her state.

Contribute to Barbara right now. Chris Christie is dangerous to New Jersey women and families — we’ve got to do everything possible to stop him.

The people of New Jersey deserve better. They deserve a true reformer like Barbara who actually cares about the people she represents, not her own self-interests.

Make it happen.

Jonathan Parker
Director of Campaigns, EMILY’s List