President Obama Supports Equal Pay for Equal Work … does your member of Congress? a repost


On average, full-time working women earn 77 cents for every dollar earned by men.

Worse still? Many women don’t even know they’re underpaid. And because 51% of women report they are discouraged or forbidden from discussing their wages, they can’t take steps that would ensure they’re earning fair pay at work.

That’s why today, on Equal Pay Day, President Obama is taking action.

See what President Obama is doing to address the gap — then share the news.

Women deserve fair pay at work. Check out this graphic, and pass it on.



Cecilia Muñoz
Director, Domestic Policy Council
The White House


Washington in the News … the other washington


Cantwell, Heitkamp Lead 20 Other Senators in Call for Crude-by-Rail Safety Investments

       Male Nurses make $11,000 more than Female Nurses

Pike Place expansion plan passes key milestone

Nurses without contracts to picket in Everett

UW investigates claims of racial slurs by frat members Updated 4:25 pm

Urban League president will run for Seattle City Council, challenge Sawant

Washington State Prosecutor Denounces Wife’s Racist Facebook Posts About Muslims

Is it Spring …

Alliance_for_Climate_Protection_logo Well, Climate Change decided to make a visit … if you have time please donate to the people enduring the Super Typhoon Maysak Targets the Philippines; At Least 5 Killed in Micronesia . The Calendar says it’s spring, though we all know, it really is not yet because it is still cold and snowing in the Northeast and in a not to subtle way the Northwest experienced the opposite of that cliché about the close of March. As March 31 went out, a freak storm decided to land here in the Northwest.  While a Cat5 was raging  unrelenting in Micronesia and possibly moving onto Philippines, the NW not only got snow in our regions Mountains which has been deemed a dry ski season, but Thunder in some areas so loud it set off car alarms, enough Wind to take trees out and enough Hail accumulation like a blast of snow blew through.

So, Happy April 1, 2015  … or April Fools

We lefties out in the North West were and still have some cold moments though it is starting to warm up. While those on West Coast are boiling right now and the East Coast not only experienced the arctic vortex the snow seemed to keep on and on, suffice it to say a lot of folks lost salaries and some businesses are no longer in business but rebuilding . The snow, which did not make a substantial appearance so some counties are suffering from drought while most of Washington State saw flowers blooming way too early. Then the temperatures dropped, the rain and some powerful storms blew through and did some damage. Now, we have had a few days that were spring like with temps of 68-69 degrees even my spring magazines are bursting with Spring Colours wanting us all to wear lightweight clothes, buy short sleeves or less. I am guessing most of us  are trying to layer or wear some version of thermal even if we used to hear “fashion industry experts” talk about not wearing leggings for pants, but let’s all admit it, we are still  wearing leggings because they’re comfy and its cold though “the media” says we look frumpy! Some are all cotton maybe all poly or a blend but the ones that are thermal or fleece are here to stay, at least until spring actually gets here. Well, I believe in layering and out here, jeans/leggings are definitely a staple but … but sometimes they just do not look right or fit the situation. Therefore, I am suggesting medium to heavy weight, sleeveless jumpers and sheaths, the other closet staple. We can wear them with a multitude of tops ,turtlenecks, long sleeves, short sleeves, and on top of that a great cardigan or chunky sweater … white black blues reds yellows, coral etc. … and if needed top it off with a blazer … shoot, throw a black chunky beach sweater on with some boots ! We all have to get creative and prepared when the weather …climate change is what it is.  I can imagine so many diff looks and if the material is sustainable, it stands to live a long life looking great but different depending on what you do it can also be worn with sandals, pumps and stilettos too. I love the next generation of leggings and jeans because they have gone high tech and with the right shoe… fantabulous. If you have been watching, there has been an attitude adjustment on leggings since the east coast has had to battle extreme cold weather. Truth be told, layering allows you to “strip” down as the temp rises and maybe you’ve got somewhere to go after work that needs to say “evening” not “work.

The other fashion tip that I myself have been practicing each and every year since or before high school is to invest in a great pair or two of jeans. Trust me when I say the only jeans you need when you “think” boyfriend” are 501’s

So, if it is still cold where you are … go to the next legging level beaseedforchangestickersGREEN

first posted 2013