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straight from the horse’s mouth:

Support the FEC complaint against Scott Walker

Scott Walker

Urge the FEC to investigate Scott Walker.

Not a great personality trait for someone who wants to be the POTUS of the Free World

sign the petition

Happy 4th!


The Last Few Weeks Have Given Us Many Reasons To Celebrate.

The Fourth of July holiday couldn’t have come at a better time this year. The last few weeks have given us many reasons to celebrate. Since the terrible tragedy in Charleston, a substantive conversation about racism has spread across the country and its symbols are weakening. Last week, the Supreme Court made a series of landmark decisions. It upheld the Affordable Care Act and made the historic pronouncement that same sex marriage bans are unconstitutional. And on Tuesday, the Obama administration announced expanded overtime protections that could raise wages for millions. These are all pretty good reasons to feel patriotic.

BOTTOM LINE: It has been a great few weeks of progress in America. Have a great holiday weekend!


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