Zach Silk, Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility

There’s no appeasing the gun lobby.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders was exactly the kind of bill the gun lobby and their allies in the Legislature said they could support. 

It was bipartisan.  It was about keeping guns out of the hands of those most at risk of perpetrating the next mass shooting – those experiencing a mental health crisis. It addressed all of the Second Amendment concerns raised by the gun lobby.  And it did nothing to infringe on the rights of stable, law-abiding citizens.

Yet, despite widespread support – and despite admitting that the bill could prevent tragedies – elected leaders in the Legislature conspired with the gun lobby to kill the bill.  And they succeeded.

No matter how many hurdles the bill cleared, House Majority Leader Pat Sullivan and his allies found a way to block it at every turn. And Speaker Frank Chopp could do nothing to stop it.

The politicians in Olympia have failed the people of Washington again.  They have failed the victims and survivors of gun violence.  This is a shameful betrayal – and not one we take lightly.  That’s why we’re launching the Hold Them Accountable Fund. Chip in a donation right now and let’s show the gun lobby and their appeasers that we mean business!

This bill might be dead.  But this fight isn’t over.  The mission of the Hold Them Accountable Fund is to shine a bright light on legislators who conspire with the gun lobby and hold them accountable for their behavior.  They think they can do the bidding of the gun lobby without consequence.  We are going to prove them wrong.

Make a donation right now.  Let’s build a grassroots-powered campaign to hold legislators who conspire with the gun lobby accountable.  It’s time to go on offense.


Life-Saving Advice The NRA Doesn’t Want Parents To Know


There is a public health crisis in America that doctors are not talking about. And not for lack of words. They are being gagged to say nothing. There is legislation in Florida and several other states that actually bans pediatricians from talking about basic gun safety with parents!

1.7 Million children in America live with an unlocked and loaded gun in their home. Every year, 140 children die because of accidental shootings.

Enough is enough.

The National Rifle Association and the gun companies will stop at nothing to make a profit off of the lives of our loved ones.

Help us expose the real NRA and the gun companies who finance them.

Share this video with the parent of a child you love. Help us work toward a world where gun safety is celebrated, not silenced in the name of profit. 

Thanks for all you do,

Robert Greenwald, President
Brave New Films

Kiesza Performs “Hideaway” & best hits


She has written several songs for Rihanna that may appear on her upcoming new album.

WATCH: The State of our State … Washington

WAseattleferriesdowntownbackground  On 1/13/2015 Gov. Inslee laid out his vision for the future of Washington.

Though I’ve been discussing this vision at events around the state and with you online, this is my first opportunity to speak directly with our state’s legislators this year — and to the entire state. I hope you’ll listen in.

 The video can be seen below ….click on WATCH


Will you watch today’s State of the State speech online, and show your support? Click here to watch the live stream, and sign up to support my campaign.

Thank you for standing with me.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee


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