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Civil Rights Activist Rosa Parks


On This Day: February 4

Rosa Parks
Born: February 4, 1913
Died: October 24, 2005
Age: 92 years old
Birthplace: Tuskegee, AL, United States
Occupation: Activist

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what a successful Presidency looks like

The following sponsored message was sent to you by AlterNet on behalf of DCCC:

To be sure the numbers have shot upward

This is what a successful Presidency looks like:

President Obama Took Office
(January 2009)
7,949 The Dow Jones Index 17,573
7.8% Unemployment 5.8%
-5.4% GDP Growth 3.5%
9.8% Deficit GDP % 2.8%
37.7 Consumer Confidence 94.5

In 6 years under President Barack Obama, we’ve made incredible progress as a country.

Often in the face of incredible obstruction, the President has continued to fight for us and lead us forward.

Will you add your name now and say that you’re still standing with President Obama in his final two years in office?

Sign your name to say you’re standing with President Obama:
http:// action.dccc.org/i-stand-with-obama

Donna De La Cruz, Reform Immigration FOR America

immigrationa repost from April 2015

Republicans in Congress spent two years blocking immigration reform from becoming law, forcing President Obama to find a solution by providing relief to immigrant families through Expanded DACA and DAPA. Now, a group of Republicans Governors and Attorneys General have gone out of their way to obstruct progress once again by getting an anti-immigrant judge in Texas to issue an injunction delaying relief programs.

Republican attacks on our community are happening in Congress and the courts–they want to make life as hard as possible for our community. They want us to be discouraged. They want us to quit. But we cannot!

Push back on Republicans by publicly showing that you support justice for immigrant families! Click here to share your support for our community on Facebook and click here to show your support on Twitter!

Republicans want the public to believe that their lawsuit is about President Obama’s use of power, but don’t be fooled–their lawsuit is about denying peace and justice to immigrants and their families. Delaying administrative relief means taking mothers and fathers from their children. It means keeping bright and ambitious young people from following their dreams and attending college. It means deporting hardworking community members, disrupting cities and towns across the country. Does that sound like justice to you?

Stand with families and demand justice for immigrants and their families–share the images to show solidarity with immigrant families everywhere! Click here to share on Facebook and click here to retweet on Twitter!

We have to keep fighting, because while Republicans in Congress and in the states play their political games, it’s our families and our communities that suffer. We cannot give in: the law is ultimately on our side, we need only to keep faith and prepare for the day when the injunction is lifted and we can proceed with administrative relief. Share these images on your Facebook and Twitter to show that you stand with immigrants in demanding justice!

With determination,

Donna De La Cruz
Reform Immigration FOR America

P.S. Not on Facebook or Twitter? Help us spread the word! Forward this email to a friend so they can show their support for the rights of immigrants and their families!

Apache betrayed

The US government is about to handover a beautiful stretch of national forest held sacred by the local Apache tribe — to a giant foreign mining company. Tribal leaders are doing all they can to stop this terrible mining project and if we join their call now we can help save this sacred land. Sign and spread the word: