Benghazi! House Republicans cut Funding for Embassy Security !

Oct 10, 2012 by    

     Rep. Chaffetz defends his criticism of the handling of Libyan consulate security despite voting to cut embassy funding.
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Media Matters for America : Myth or Reality

Media Matters for America

The moment of truth for media is when myth and fact collide. Are they going to stick with a false notion, damn the facts? Or are they going to be honest? This week we’re focusing on these moments and the different choices media made.

John Whitehouse Twitter: @existentialfish

Right-Wing Libya Mythology “Absolutely” Falls Apart

Media too often ‘leave it there’ when it comes to hypocrisy. So when Rep. Jason Chaffetz tried to criticize the Obama administration for Benghazi, Soledad O’Brien might have just gotten Chaffetz’s opinion and moved on. Instead, she challenged Chaffetz with his hypocrisy, noting that Chaffetz and other House Republicans actually voted to cut funding for embassy security. We need more media challenging hypocrisy and not promoting politicians. Click to see O’Brien make a stand for honesty:

Here Is Your “Statesman”

In a video recently unearthed by Mother Jones, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney introduces Glenn Beck in a May 2009 event as a “statesman.” Oliver Willis looks back at Beck‘s time at Fox to ascertain just how inapt this characterization is. Even knowing how Beck’s story at Fox ends, the reminder of his record is still unsettling:

Flashback: What You Need To Know About Paul Ryan

The media coverage of Paul Ryan often leans towards the superficial. You’ve heard about his hunting, his exercsie routine, and other trivialities that don’t make a dimes worth of difference as to what policies he advocates. When Ryan was selected as VP, Media Matters investigative reporter Joe Strupp spoke to reporters in Wisconsin about what they know of Paul Ryan. In a flashback special, find out what those who know Paul Ryan best want you to know:

Turning The President Into A Fantasy Character

The Washington Post‘s Jennifer Rubin imagined a different version of the Obama administration compared to “reality.” But Rubin’s version is completely ahistorical. Simon Maloy deconstructs Rubin’s fantasy, compares it to what actually did happen, and explains how it fits into the right-wing myth of Obama as a scary left-wing ideologue:

When Media Label The Truth A Lie

‘Both sides do it!’ You’ve probably heard some variation of that saying in media election coverage. But in the rush to accuse both sides of lying in the presidential debate, analysts on CBS and ABC Sunday morning shows labelled true statements of President Obama as lies. This sort of false balance prevents the public from being well-informed. Get the truth:


Mary Matalin tried to push the right-wing myth that this is the “worst recovery in history.” But Nobel laureate Paul Krugman wasn’t having it, calling the assertion “spectacularly not true.” Watch Krugman debunk the notion once and for all:


As CNN experts have explained, gas prices rise because of rising global demand. But you might not know that if you only watched the network’s prime time shows, during which Erin Burnett and Piers Morgan irresponsibly posit a connection between drilling and gas prices. Get the facts:


George Romney made it a point to release years of tax returns, saying “one year could be a fluke, perhaps done for show.” So when The Wall Street Journal compared the campaigns of father and son, it’s revealing that they omitted the biggest distinction: that Mitt Romney has not released that many years of taxes. What doesn’t theJournal want us to know?


What The Right-Wing Media Isn’t Telling You About Voting