Happy 4th!


The Last Few Weeks Have Given Us Many Reasons To Celebrate.

The Fourth of July holiday couldn’t have come at a better time this year. The last few weeks have given us many reasons to celebrate. Since the terrible tragedy in Charleston, a substantive conversation about racism has spread across the country and its symbols are weakening. Last week, the Supreme Court made a series of landmark decisions. It upheld the Affordable Care Act and made the historic pronouncement that same sex marriage bans are unconstitutional. And on Tuesday, the Obama administration announced expanded overtime protections that could raise wages for millions. These are all pretty good reasons to feel patriotic.

BOTTOM LINE: It has been a great few weeks of progress in America. Have a great holiday weekend!


The day you signed your first petition on Change.org, you became a part of something big. Today we’re celebrating 100 million people all over the world coming to Change.org to start or sign a petition. More than one million petitions have been supported by people like you, and there’s a unique story behind every signature.



We’re so proud of the change you have been a part of, and we’re excited to share this moment with you. Join us in celebrating 100 million people using Change.org: track the impact of the growing Change.org community.

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TAKE ACTION! Protect Caribbean Coral by Improving Fishery Management

Coral can’t live without parrotfish.


That’s why Earthjustice challenged the National Marine Fisheries Service’s failure to address the harmful effects of fishing for algae-eating parrotfish on important reef-building corals and their habitat. Elkhorn and staghorn corals once helped fish to thrive in the Caribbean. Sadly, these coral species  have dwindled by as much 98-99% since the 1970s due to threats such as disease, on-shore pollution, and overfishing.

Take Action: Protect Caribbean Coral>>

The Endangered Species Act tasks the NMFS with bringing back healthy populations of elkhorn and staghorn coral. It’s a big job. And a crucial one. The actions necessary to restore these corals will benefit entire reef ecosystems and the fish and human communities that depend on them.

The NMFS has identified the loss of habitat suitable for new corals to grow as a major threat to the survival of elkhorn and staghorn corals. Much of the Caribbean coral habitat has been overtaken by algae, leaving little space for coral to grow. Caribbean coral reefs need more, larger parrotfish to help clear the way for corals to return.

Tell the NMFS to use the Endangered Species Act to protect our coral now >>

The Fisheries Service has a duty to protect coral reefs from unsustainable fishing and other human impacts. With the development of new fishery management plans for the U.S. Caribbean, the agency now has an opportunity to update fishery management measures to promote the recovery of corals and the reef habitat they provide for so many other species.

Take action: http://action.earthjustice.org/protect-caribbean-coral


Brian Smith
Campaign Manager, Earthjustice

Gemma Tillack, Rainforest Action Network ~ Maruchan


Rainforest Action Network
Last week we exposed Maruchan—America’s #1 instant noodle<br />
brand—as the ‘worst performing’ laggard in the Snack Food 20 as it had<br />
yet to make any commitments regarding its use of the controversial<br />
ingredient: Conflict Palm Oil.

Last week we exposed Maruchan—America’s #1 instant noodle brand—as the ‘worst performing’ laggard in the Snack Food 20 as it had yet to make any commitments regarding its use of the controversial ingredient: Conflict Palm Oil. 

With your help we turned the heat up on the company and the instant noodle giant has responded by issuing its first palm oil commitment. Thank you!

We can’t let Maruchan off the hook, however. The commitment it issued falls short of what is required. The company is only requiring its suppliers to meet the entirely insufficient RSPO standard by 2020. To make matters worse, this commitment only applies to operations in the US and not products sold worldwide. Maruchan has a massive worldwide reach; this is simply not enough.

Maruchan can and must do better. We have to keep the pressure on, so today activists are calling Maruchan and demanding it step up and be a leader by adopting and rapidly implementing a truly responsible palm oil policy.

Will you make a quick phone call and tell Maruchan to step up?

It’s simple and only takes a few minutes. Click here for regional phone numbers and a few things to say.

When you make a stand, companies have no choice but to listen. Please make a quick phone call now.


Gemma Tillack 
Agribusiness Campaign Director

Rainforest Action Network
425 Bush Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94108

Happy 4th … Some fun facts

4thofJuly (1)It was actually on July 2, 1776, that America gained its independence. So why do we celebrate on July 4?
Keep clicking to find out from Kenneth C. Davis, author of the “Don’t Know Much About” book series.

( 2)”The fact is that John Adams wrote home to Abigail on the 3rd that this day, July 2nd will go down in history,” Davis explained on “CBS This Morning,” “We’ll celebrate it with parades and pomp and bells ringing and fireworks. And it was because Congress actually ruled it in favor of independence on July 2. But it was two days later, of course, that Congress then accepted Jefferson’s declaration, explaining the vote two days before that really got fixed in the America’s imagination as our birthday. July 2nd should be Independence Day.”
(3)Thomas Jefferson drafted the Declaration of Independence on a “laptop,” a kind of writing desk that could fit on one’s lap.
(4) Did you know Thomas Jefferson changed the wording of the Declaration of Independence from “the pursuit of property” to “the pursuit of happiness”?
“Jefferson did not come up with these words out of thin air,” Davis said on “CBS This Morning.” “These were words and ideas that had been floating around for a very long time. Other people had written about things like ‘the pursuit of property.’ Jefferson, I think can say we say happily changed that to the ‘pursuit of happiness’.”

(5) John Adams and Thomas Jefferson both died on July 4, 1826. Davis explained, “That may be the most extraordinary coincidence in all of history. On the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the declaration…the two giants of the declaration both died. … Jefferson died first. Adams was alive, of course, in Massachusetts. He didn’t know that Jefferson had died but said, famously, perhaps apocryphally, that ‘Jefferson still lives.’ And people took that to mean his words will live forever.”

(6) The Liberty had nothing to do with July 4th. It wasn’t called the “Liberty bell” until the 1830s and that’s also when it got its famous crack.

(7) Only two men signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4th 1776 — John Hancock (not the big signature!) and Charles Thompson, secretary of the Congress.

(8) Jefferson’s original draft was lost and the one eventually signed is the “engrossed” document and is kept at the National Archives.

(9) The printed version of the Declaration was called the Dunlap Broadside – 200 were made but only 27 are accounted for. One of these was found in the back of picture frame at a tag sale and sold at auction for $8.14 million to television producer Norman Lear. It now travels the country to be displayed to the public.

Resource: cbsnews.com