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The Fight Hunger Project … Help me with my start up …to keep our food banks full

Be a Seed for Change

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BY  AND  … Burglars steal thousands of lbs of food,water,goods from tiny community food bank in Quilcene, Wa



As the owner of Be a Seed for Change,

My mission is to bring real attention to issues on both the local and national level. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to not just raise money but also join other grassroots organizations to bring real change to the lives of the people in communities who just need a hand up not a hand out… giving back

I have been an activist for years. I am also a blogger of social and political issues. Was one of several parents who volunteered at our local food bank in association with our daycare provider, which led to starting a food bank drive at a job. I have also supported and raised money for great organizations that do amazing things like Shelter Box USA.

Our Focus is on creative live local events  ~~   Dance for a cause,  SWAP Meet, Book Review, Signing & Sales , Art Show & Sales , Movie Night

Follow me: @thearcher77 & @BeaSeedforChange

Check it out!  Help me out ! Click on the link above and donate

Follow me: @thearcher77  & @BeaSeedforChange

Check it out! Click on the link above


Your Social Security: GARNISHED

Stop the garnishment of Social Security to pay student loans! Add your name: (enable images)

Declare a moratorium on garnishing Social Security benefits to pay student loans.

Happy National Coffee Day

Krispy Kreme, Top Pot and Peet’s are among businesses offering coffee deals on National Coffee Day.TumblrDonutsstock-vector-donut-icon-set-252917392


At Krispy Kreme locations in Sodo, North Seattle, Issaquah and Tacoma, customers will receive a free 12-ounce cup along with a signature glazed doughnut.

Top Pot Doughnuts will give customers a 12-ounce drip coffee or Americano.

Peet’s Coffee & Tea locations are giving out free small cups of Major Dickason’s blend with the purchase of a food item.

Whole Foods is celebrating through the end of September — charging only 25 cents for a 12-ounce coffee.


Act Now: Demand an end to deforestation at Ralph Lauren

Rainforest Action Network

This past September, we launched the Out of Fashion campaign, urging fifteen major fashion brands to make sure that their fabrics don’t contain forest destruction and human rights abuses. For years, this controversy had gone unnoticed — but not any more!

Thousands of you signed the petition, stickered controversial products and sent tweets during Fashion Week. While some brands are starting to respond, some of the worst companies have not taken action.

As of today, we’re focusing on the most famous, and most destructive, laggard in the industry: Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand with a huge reach. It has the power to eliminate controversial fiber and suppliers, such as Sateri and Royal Golden Eagle Group. And if Ralph Lauren steps up, other brands will follow.

We are going to be building this campaign over the next few months, but today, we have a super-quick action for you to take: email Ralph Lauren and ask the company to protect forests and human rights by tracing its supply chain, eliminating the worst actors, and adopting a policy. It only takes a moment and together, we can make our voices heard.

Thank you so much for all you do.


For the forests,

Christy Tennery-Spalding


Breaking Down The Pope’s Address To Congress


“Mr. Speaker, The Pope Of The Holy See!”

Today, Pope Francis made history yet again by becoming the first pope to address a joint meeting of Congress. Speaking for nearly an hour on a range of issues, the pope’s overall message was one of peace, cooperation, and action. Pope Francis made sure to include members of Congress in his call to action, stating, “your own responsibility as members of Congress is to enable this country, by your legislative activity, to grow as a nation.” Though he is the leader of the Catholic Church, today’s speech solidified Pope Francis’s role as a moral force for Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

We’ve put together a summary of the key points in his speech. Head over to ThinkProgress for a complete run-down.


Pope Francis spoke at length about immigration. He again reminded us that he is the son of immigrants and noted that “so many of you are also descended from immigrants.” The Pope called for people to treating immigrants with compassion and fairness, invoking the Golden Rule of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” He also urged us to reject “a mindset of hostility” towards immigrants, to welcome them, and help them seek opportunities. The pope said, “is this not what we want for our own children?”


Throughout his speech, Pope Francis expressed his concern for the poor and his dismay at growing income inequality. He referred to his first papal exhortation, Evangelii Gaudium, and emphasized the need to strive for a just distribution of income and a “modern, inclusive and sustainable” economy. Pope Francis even had a special message for lawmakers, urging them to pay attention especially to “those in situations of greater vulnerability or risk.” He declared that “the fight against poverty and hunger must be fought constantly and on many fronts.”


Pope Francis also discussed the dangers of climate change and the need to pass legislation to address it. He cited his own encyclical, Laudato Si, stating, “now is the time for courageous actions and strategies, aimed at implementing a ‘culture of care’ and ‘an integrated approach to combating poverty, restoring dignity to the excluded, and at the same time protecting nature.’” The pope emphasized that US lawmakers have an “important role to play” in protecting the climate and noted that American research institutions can also make a vital contribution.

International Relations

The pope emphasized our need for international peace and cooperation. He recognized recent efforts in the United States to “help overcome historic differences linked to painful episodes of the past,” possibly referencing the normalization of relations with Cuba. Pope Francis also applauded efforts to open up dialogue, saying they require “courage and daring” but are worth it for they open “new opportunities” for all. He encouraged lawmakers and others to “end the many armed conflicts throughout our world,” citing the damaging role of the weapons trade in these conflicts.

Death Penalty

Some of the Pope’s strongest remarks concerned abolishing the death penalty. He reminded us that the Catholic Church has for centuries believed in protecting life at all stages. Pope Francis even called on Congress to abolish the death penalty, stating “a just and necessary punishment must never exclude the dimension of hope and the goal of rehabilitation.”

After the speech, Pope Francis greeted tens of thousands of admirers on the West Lawn of the Capitol. He then skipped lunch with Congress, choosing instead to eat lunch with Washington, D.C.’s homeless. “I want to be very clear,” the pope said. “We can’t find any social or moral justification, no justification whatsoever, for lack of housing.”

BOTTOM LINE: Pope Francis’s speech today was a historic moment in America and solidified his role as a global moral force for Catholics and non-Catholics alike. His remarks on issues ranging from immigration to climate change to poverty have reached many this week. They represent a call to action that all should heed.