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Outsourcing … the new American way? or retaliation and betrayal

just another rant …

Outsourcing, you know; when the company’s bottom line is to get products made in large quantities but on the cheap? Therefore, they send thousands of jobs overseas where cost per employee is so low you cannot refuse in spite of the millions of unemployedAmericans

I have to say when there is a choice between getting cheap material, retaliating against President Obama, cheap labour or that word so many folks on TV involved in the market say “uncertainty”. We all have to compare and contrast what they want opposed to participating in helping America be number one again and the handwriting is clear … Profit before People and Country is the choice of those sitting on the sidelines of “uncertainty” have decided to take.

Unless you are living under a rock, you know or have heard that big Corporations are still sitting on trillions of dollars hate regulation, the rules, fair trade now seem to be fighting the government and the need to help their fellow Americans. The various companies who feel they have no choice as the “uncertainty” of it puts them at risk are leaving Americans jobless. Yes, they have every right to do so but in a time when your fellow American is jobless, your country is still in a recession what could be better for all parts of our financial system to come together and agree to fix the various strands causing our economy to deteriorate instead of participating in retaliation. It’s my contention that those sitting on all that money might be waiting for the 2012 elections and contrary to what Harold Ford suggested – soften regulations and stop criticizing , we have to make sure that the new regulations stay in place otherwise we will always have the uncertainty of systematic financial collapse. It is time for Wall Street, banksters and big Corporations to take part in the healing of America and stop playing the waiting game because given our choices Americans with any common sense will not dare vote for anyone else but Barak Obama in 2012.

In May of 2009 there was a rumor that GM was planning to outsource more American jobs to Russia instead of being a part of our financial solution by providing Americans with jobs, Bill Gates has outsourced to other companies as well as other well-known celebrities and who have started companies overseas in order to get materials on the cheap. Fortunately, President Obama did not allow GM and most of the auto industry to collapse though many politicians even Detroit politicians and current candidates for President felt they should meet their makers and go into bankruptcy which makes you wonder how American is that and what does that tell about their Presidential attributes. I could not vote for a person who would turn their back on a company so apart of what being an American is all about and in the end President Obama saved over millions jobs. While Teapublicans and some conservadems in Congress filibuster common sense efforts to get America back on track, meaning JOBs bills that will help everyone not just adding government jobs or an infrastructure Bank is something that will be available for the Private Sector and Public Service. This is good for everyone but Teapublicans on both the State and Federal level have one thing on their agenda and that is pulling down our beloved America to the edge of disaster in order to take down President Obama … ask yourself how American is that? Teapublicans seem to be out of touch and clearly have a narrow view of how they would govern. Teapublicans are clearly unqualified to govern and if you need evidence do some research on how well Speaker Boehner, Cantor McConnell are really doing and it ain’t for We the People.

Outrage cannot begin to describe how this should make Americans feel and is this what Americans have to look forward to from other so-called American companies more Wall Street and Bank retaliation disguised as an “uncertainty” in tax laws and other policies that will limit their ability to “beat” the system.(my take). We all know these companies were bailed out by Americans who then turned on us by deciding to sit on or use the money to go on trips, hold seminars and give huge bonus’ to their employees without real merit involved.  We all know that the money we Americans gave the Banks should have been reinvested in America by providing small or huge business loans. So, what happened and what is wrong with playing by the rules, regulations, policies that are transparent, provide full disclosure, and might deter folks from betting against Americans to get theirs. If you listen to the rumors, Eric Cantor seems to feel betting against fellow Americans might be lucrative and unfortunately, this seems atypical of the Teapublican Party.

The practice of sitting on money, in our case trillions of dollars or offshoring jobs is unacceptable and if outsourcing continues unemployment will remain a problem.






We need to end tax giveaways to the 1%

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%

Petition to President Barack Obama:
“Use your executive authority to direct the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service to end tax giveaways to large corporations, multimillionaire hedge fund managers, and the worst of the 1% that will cost America more than $100 billion over the next decade, including the ‘check-the-box,’ ‘earnings stripping,’ ‘valuation discount,’ ‘carried interest,’ ‘Hewlett-Packard,’ and ‘Real Estate Investment Trust’ tax loopholes.”

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Dear fellow Progressive,

Stand with Bernie Sanders

Just in time for tax day, Senator Bernie Sanders has figured out how President Obama can close massive tax loopholes with a few strokes of a pen, and he needs our help.

In a recent letter to President Obama, Senator Sanders outlined six loopholes that massive corporations, hedge fund managers, and the worst of the 1% use to dodge taxes and avoid paying us back for providing roads, courts, and an educated workforce.1

Closing all six loopholes would raise more than $100 billion that could be invested in America — and best of all, the president can do it all without Congress.

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%. Click here to sign the petition.

The list of loopholes that the worst of the 1% use to avoid taxes reads like a how-to guide for multimillionaire hedge fund managers and multinational corporations trying to rip off a nation:

  • The “check-the-box” loophole. Simply by checking one box, companies can claim that an entity it owns should be ignored by the IRS for tax purposes. By giving different stories to different governments, they can transfer profits between subsidiaries tax free. Closing this loophole would raise up to $78 billion over the next decade.2
  • The “Hewlett-Packard” loophole. Companies are supposed to pay taxes when they bring offshore profits back to America. But if their offshore subsidiaries only provide a short-term “loan” to the onshore parent company, they can dodge the law. At one point, Hewlett-Packard was found to be “borrowing” billions, tax-free.3
  • The “Real Estate Investment Trust” loophole. Real estate investment trusts are like mutual funds for real estate, and they don’t pay corporate income tax. But all sorts of companies, from private prisons to casinos, now claim to be real estate investment trusts in order to dodge taxes.4
  • The “carried interest” loophole. Wealthy investors pay hedge fund managers billions to manage their money. But this loophole allows those fund managers to pretend that their income is actually a capital gain from selling investments — and capital gains are taxed at a far lower rate. Closing this loophole would raise up to $18 billion.5
  • The “earnings stripping” loophole. CREDO members have fiercely fought corporate inversions, where big U.S. companies merge with a smaller foreign company to avoid paying taxes. The Treasury Department has already cracked down on one tax dodge related to inversions, and closing the other, the “earnings stripping” loophole, could raise up to $13 billion over the next decade.6
  • The “valuation discount” loophole. If wealthy parents put a restriction on selling a company before transferring it to their children, it is considered less valuable and so they pay less in taxes — even if that restriction is then removed or ignored. The IRS could overlook these meaningless restrictions and raise up to $18 billion over the next decade.7

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%. Click here to sign the petition.

The Internal Revenue Service created the first three loopholes by accident, with administrative rulings that had unintended consequences — and President Obama could easily order the IRS to fix its mistake. The other three could be closed if the Treasury Department used its existing authority to call hedge fund managers “service providers” and issued new rules under the tax code.8

The Obama administration has likely held off on making these changes in order to meet Republican demands that any new investments be “paid for” by closing a loophole. But with a new, right-wing Congress adamantly opposed to any new spending or tax increases, the time for bargaining chips is over. President Obama needs to know that if he takes a bold stand in favor of tax fairness, Americans will stand with him.

Tell President Obama: End tax giveaways to the 1%. Click below to sign the petition:

http:// act.credoaction.com/sign/sanderstaxloopholes_alt/

Thank you for speaking out,

Murshed Zaheed, Deputy Political Director
CREDO Action from Working Assets

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  1. Sanders Asks Obama to Close Six Egregious Corporate Tax Loopholes,” Sanders.Senate.gov, March 3, 2015.
  2. Potential Executive Actions to Close Tax Loopholes,” Budget.Senate.gov, Retrieved April 6, 2015.
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Act Now: Demand an end to deforestation at Ralph Lauren

Rainforest Action Network

This past September, we launched the Out of Fashion campaign, urging fifteen major fashion brands to make sure that their fabrics don’t contain forest destruction and human rights abuses. For years, this controversy had gone unnoticed — but not any more!

Thousands of you signed the petition, stickered controversial products and sent tweets during Fashion Week. While some brands are starting to respond, some of the worst companies have not taken action.

As of today, we’re focusing on the most famous, and most destructive, laggard in the industry: Ralph Lauren.

Ralph Lauren is an iconic brand with a huge reach. It has the power to eliminate controversial fiber and suppliers, such as Sateri and Royal Golden Eagle Group. And if Ralph Lauren steps up, other brands will follow.

We are going to be building this campaign over the next few months, but today, we have a super-quick action for you to take: email Ralph Lauren and ask the company to protect forests and human rights by tracing its supply chain, eliminating the worst actors, and adopting a policy. It only takes a moment and together, we can make our voices heard.

Thank you so much for all you do.


For the forests,

Christy Tennery-Spalding


Help get junk food money out of school lunch

Support kids’ health, not junk food interests.

Guess who’s funding lobbyists to weaken school lunch?

The School Nutrition Association represents the school food professionals who feed our kids—but their lobbyists are contradicting the science, and trying to take fruits & vegetables off kids’ lunch trays. And guess who’s funding their efforts? Junk food companies.

Support Kids’ Health, Not Junk Food Interests

Meet the School Nutrition Association (SNA), one of the main lobbying groups—funded in part by corporate junk food money—standing in the way of healthier school lunch for kids.

The SNA’s members are the school meal providers who feed children in schools across the country—but their lobbyists aren’t as concerned with the health of our kids as you’d think. Could it be because corporate junk food companies like Domino’s and PepsiCo fund about half of the SNA’s budget?

Shockingly, the SNA opposes improved nutrition standards that would keep fruits and vegetables on kids’ lunch trays. In fact, they’re actively trying to convince Congress that schools can’t make healthy foods work in cafeterias.

SNA nesting doll

But we’ve got what the opposition doesn’t have: evidence that the new nutrition standards—created by scientists and experts, not corporate interests—are working. Most schools have successfully implemented the standards, and studies show that kids are eating more fruits and veggies. UCS’s own analysis reveals that healthier school meals are a lifeline for many kids in a sea of junk food.

With an obesity crisis threatening our children’s future and driving up healthcare costs, the stakes are too high to roll back progress. Send the SNA a message: look out for kids, not the junk food industry.

Take Action

Ashley Elles
Ashley Elles
Food and Environment Program
Union of Concerned Scientists
Twitter: @

Quote of the Day …

“The people of Texas are informed that in accordance with a Proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them became that between employer and free laborer.”