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BY  AND  … Burglars steal thousands of lbs of food,water,goods from tiny community food bank in Quilcene, Wa



As the owner of Be a Seed for Change,

My mission is to bring real attention to issues on both the local and national level. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to not just raise money but also join other grassroots organizations to bring real change to the lives of the people in communities who just need a hand up not a hand out… giving back

I have been an activist for years. I am also a blogger of social and political issues. Was one of several parents who volunteered at our local food bank in association with our daycare provider, which led to starting a food bank drive at a job. I have also supported and raised money for great organizations that do amazing things like Shelter Box USA.

Our Focus is on creative live local events  ~~   Dance for a cause,  SWAP Meet, Book Review, Signing & Sales , Art Show & Sales , Movie Night

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Follow me: @thearcher77  & @BeaSeedforChange

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TGIF … in the News – birthers

a debate from 5/2011, that is still relevant

With all the commotion about birthers, birthrights, citizenship  and or any of the combinations out there the comments from the Paul family made me wonder not only about their beliefs  but what their constituents believe and if they even know how narrow minded this family might be. The idea that people actually are able to run for political office without being vetted sufficiently enough is heartbreaking and offensive. We cannot be so lax and not use all the tools needed to pull out important information like; will you represent ALL the people in your State or just a select few. This stuck with me as a real problem as it affects all our families past, present and future. Therefore, i did a search on birthrights and Paul and an essay Ron Paul wrote I guess in 2006 popped up. I guess birthrights was something he contemplated which was just a few years ago and considering what is currently in our News  it should be posted and made available for anyone wondering how he feels about birthright citizenship. Therefore, I did a few weeks ago and this week I received a couple of comments via email so i posted and responded to both, which are below



ME: The reason i posted comments from Trough on my blog is because we all need to see and read what people say about birth rights and why – make sure our children of the future do not grow up to talk like or promote and learn it from people like Trough –

Trough: It’s people like me who are part Cuban, Irish, Black, Anglo and born of grandparents who came from Europe and other parts centuries ago that have the loudest voices in this charade of laws allowing folks to come here and granted “citizenship” when they clearly have allegiance to another country. Only a handful of countries on the planet allow anyone to walk in, have a baby, granted citizenship, get welfare and close down major hospitals without a peep. Do a little research I am not alone by any means, nor the only non Anglo Saxon who feels this way.

ME: Your comments about what Ron Paul wrote are your opinions, which if you live here in America are a right not a privilege and should not be taken for granted. What i did not like or agree and are in fact lies like your statements about President Obama. I saw your pix and you look like one of my sisters so to hear a person of colour write such things seemed odd and offensive. I know it makes no difference to you but both my parents are mixed and while there is def a long history of why i come from such a multi ethnic&; cultured family, we were brought up to accept rejoice and realize that America is a country made up of immigrants. We would not be such a rich and diverse country had the attitude you and Ron Paul have. In fact, with that kind of attitude, our families would not be in America let alone take part in that quest to make our lives and or our children’s lives better if Ron and Rand Paul had their way. I take issue with people who do not accept the 14th Amendment or who use race to bash and promote hate fear without evidence that anyone is bad simply because they might be undocumented. I don’t know about you but anyone that says no one in their family history was an immigrant is lying and if they made it to America then you should praise and thank them. I know that a complicit relationship was made a long time ago by big business who figured out how to cheat while paying little or nothing to people (immigrants) who had and still have no rights to fight back. We are a nation with- the rule of law and the undocumented need to be dealt with because no one has done so correctly – President Obama did not start this, however he did bring immigration out of the shadows. I don’t know why anyone would punish a child born in America of an undocumented mother because the quest for a better life for her child was the most important thing unless of course her intent was to wreak havoc or was a terrorist but i wager that the truth leans more toward looking for a better life. I think the Dream Act would help take care of all those children who for the most part are great students some have become great teachers and or innovators that should have an opportunity to do good things for America. We should hold companies accountable. The undocumented, if upstanding given an opportunity and a path toward citizenship-Ron Paul says anchor babies are wrong and if i read your comment about birthright citizenship and how it relates to anchor babies correctly you seem to insist that President Obama is something other than an American and that is a lie – I really think you need to do some of your own research. Btw, not all Muslims, Blacks, Hispanics or Whites are bad but you do know America has white terrorists who are bad-

Final comments left …

Heloise: I know all about race and the illegal situation first hand.

I don’t think I’ve called Obama anything other than an American. I may joke about him being a Muslim or whatever but he can thank Heloise and blogcritics articles for boosting him in the polls and helping him get over the racial hump. Yes, I will take a little victory lap here. Read ALL of my hundreds of Obama and political articles at blogcritics.org then come back and tell me I don’t know what I am talking about politically. I think you will see I single-handedly set the standard for a lot of stuff that comes out of the mouth of mainstream media. Yes, I did.


Actually, I went to your site and read your comments or what you call critiques. I said we live in America and thank goodness, freedom of speech is just one great reason to live here. However, I read your comments in a much diff way and will stand firm. I think it’s fun and amusing that anyone would give themselves props for anything the mainstream media says because in my opinion it’s lame offensive and full of lies. If that is what you want, props for them and so be it, but most people are not happy with the right of center biased comments from “the media.” My President , President Barack H. Obama is not only underestimated people boost his polls because they are actually comparing and contrasting his comments against what the Republican Tea Party and the folks who control cable news as well as mainstream media thank you very much. I know a lot of folks would love to take the victory lap but he is his own force moving toward that change 53% of Americans voted for – I give any and or all props to this President -full credit for all that he does. – Well, welcome to America and thank you for responding to the rethinking birthrights citizenship essay that Ron Paul wrote though if I read your blog correctly you support his point of view, which was why I responded originally. I still am offended by his views in that essay as well as anything else he says when he is on the airwaves about Race, birthright including the 14thAmendment.


 I should have thanked them for even responding back in 2011
~ Be a Seed for Change

the 2006 essay from Ron Paul … just a reminder

Rethinking Birthright Citizenship

by Ron Paul

first posted 11/2011

A recent article in the Houston Chronicle discusses the problem of so-called anchor babies, children born in U.S. hospitals to illegal immigrant parents. These children automatically become citizens, and thus serve as an anchor for their parents to remain in the country. Our immigration authorities understandably are reluctant to break up families by deporting parents of young babies. But birthright citizenship, originating in the 14th amendment, has become a serious cultural and economic dilemma for our nation.

In some Houston hospitals, administrators estimate that 70 or 80% of the babies born have parents who are in the country illegally. As an obstetrician in south Texas for several decades, I can attest to the severity of the problem. It’s the same story in California, Arizona, and New Mexico. And the truth is most illegal immigrants who have babies in U.S. hospitals do not have health insurance and do not pay their hospital bills.

This obviously cannot be sustained, either by the hospitals involved or the taxpayers who end up paying the bills.

No other wealthy, western nations grant automatic citizenship to those who simply happen to be born within their borders to non-citizens. These nations recognize that citizenship involves more than the physical location of one’s birth; it also involves some measure of cultural connection and allegiance. In most cases this means the parents must be citizens of a nation in order for their newborn children to receive automatic citizenship.

Make no mistake, Americans are happy to welcome immigrants who follow our immigration laws and seek a better life here. America is far more welcoming and tolerant of newcomers than virtually any nation on earth. But our modern welfare state creates perverse incentives for immigrants, incentives that cloud the issue of why people choose to come here. The real problem is not immigration, but rather the welfare state magnet.

Hospitals bear the costs when illegal immigrants enter the country for the express purpose of giving birth. But illegal immigrants also use emergency rooms, public roads, and public schools. In many cases they are able to obtain Medicaid, food stamps, public housing, and even unemployment benefits. Some have fraudulently collected Social Security benefits.

Of course many American citizens also use or abuse the welfare system. But we cannot afford to open our pocketbooks to the rest of the world. We must end the perverse incentives that encourage immigrants to come here illegally, including the anchor baby incentive.

I’ve introduced legislation that would amend the Constitution and end automatic birthright citizenship. The 14th amendment was ratified in 1868, on the heels of the Civil War. The country, especially the western territories, was wide open and ripe for homesteading. There was no welfare state to exploit, and the modern problems associated with immigration could not have been imagined.

Our founders knew that unforeseen problems with our system of government would arise, and that’s precisely why they gave us a method for amending the Constitution. It’s time to rethink birthright citizenship by amending the 14th amendment.

October 3, 2006

Dr. Ron Paul is a Republican member of Congress from Texas.

Ron Paul Archives

Progressive Breakfast: Why Republicans Can’t Stop The Iran Deal (And Shouldn’t Want To)

Bill Scher

Why Republicans Can’t Stop The Iran Deal (And Shouldn’t Want To)

As Donald Rumsfeld might say, you can’t start a war with the Republican Party you wish to have. Republicans in Congress may want to stop the international nuclear deal with Iran. They may prefer to provoke a war with Iran than break bread. But they can’t. And it’s their own fault.

Global Day of Action Tomorrow SupportING United Flight Attendants

OurFuture.org’s Larry Cohen urges support for striking United Airlines workers:Thursday’s global day of action and the battle for a fair contract are symbolic of the corporate profit and power grab that is strangling our nation. Details for the actions are at ourcontract.org. If you are passing through a United hub on Thursday or can get to one, join the pickets. If enough of us are there together, we’ll all start winning.

Bernie Tries To Pin Down Hillary On Issues

Sanders highlights contrasts as Clinton visits Capitol Hill. WSJ:“He repeated that Mrs. Clinton voted in favor of the 2002 Iraq War resolution that he opposed … And he listed several issues on which he had taken a firm position while Mrs. Clinton, he said, had declined to be forthcoming: climate change, financial regulations and a $15 minimum wage.”

Hillary’s agenda “isn’t enough” says NYT’s Eduardo Porter:“Not only does the American economy suffer from one of the least skilled work forces, according to the O.E.C.D. The American political system has not done enough to build a social insurance apparatus to help everyday workers and their families sustain prosperous lives … A future Clinton administration might help change the norms of corporate governance to foster the kind of labor relations that everyday workers have not experienced in decades.

Sen. Warren renews call for Glass-Steagall. The Hill:“Warren’s comments come a day after an advisor to Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton said Clinton has no plans to push for the bank break-up bill … Two of Clinton’s challengers, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley, have called for re-instating it.”

Robert Reich knocks Hillary Clinton for refusing to back Glass-Steagall:“It’s a mistake politically because people who believe Hillary Clinton is still too close to Wall Street will not be reassured…”

House, Senate Pursue Different Highway Bills

McConnell moves to pass “multi-year” highway bill. The Hill:“The Republican leader moved to end debate on a motion to proceed to a House-passed bill … which senators will use as a shell for the highway legislation … highway legislation could be next on McConnell’s agenda after the Senate finishes its work on its rewrite of the Bush-era No Child Left Behind law … McConnell said Tuesday that there’s ‘bipartisan enthusiasm’ for a multi-year bill … ‘I’m fairly optimistic that we can do that.’”

House to vote on “short-term” highway bill today, with eye toward blocking Ex-IM Bank. The Hill:“[Rep. Paul] Ryan and House Transportation Committee Chairman Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) used roughly $5 billion in tax compliance measures and a $3 billion extension of Transportation Security Administration fees to pay for their highway bill. Ryan has said the short-term extension would allow lawmakers to work on a revamp of the U.S.’s international tax structure that would pay for a long-term highway bill.”

IMF Calls Greek Deal Too Harsh

IMF says Greece needs more “debt relief.” Bloomberg:“’Greece’s debt can now only be made sustainable through debt relief measures that go far beyond what Europe has been willing to consider so far,’ the IMF said in the analysis …”

Prime Minister Tsipras scrambles to win parliamentary vote today. Bloomberg:“…Tsipras said in an interview with ERT-TV before a parliamentary vote on the deal on Wednesday[,] ‘My priority is to make sure that the choice I made the other day, with a knife at my neck, is finalized.’ … Tsipras’s comments set up a day of parliamentary maneuvering that threatens to rupture his coalition. Still, opposition lawmakers are likely to back the package at a plenary vote scheduled for about 10 p.m. Athens time Wednesday.”

Tsipras retaining popular support, reports NYT:“Analysts say he has quickly fashioned an appealing, or at least credible, narrative in the face of what most Greeks consider a negotiating disaster: The deal may be bad, but it was the best we could get and must be carried out in a way that puts average Greeks ahead of the rich, particularly the oligarchs.”

Understanding The Iran Deal


The United States Reaches A Deal To Cut Off Every Pathway For Iran To Obtain A Nuclear Weapon

After more than two and a half years of intense negotiations, the United States, along with its partners and allies comprising the world’s greatest nations, has reached an agreement that will put Iran’s nuclear program under unprecedented international scrutiny. In exchange for easing economic sanctions, the deal will prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

This agreement is the result of years of tough-minded American diplomacy and a comprehensive strategy. When President Obama took office, Iran was hiding a covert nuclear facility and was well on its way to producing a bomb. But after instituting tough sanctions on Iran that helped the United States and the world’s other leading powers negotiate from a position of strength, we have reached an accord that proves that American diplomacy — and not war — can bring meaningful change to make our homeland and the world safer and more secure.

Despite the rhetoric from many who would rather try to score political points instead of do the hard work of actually governing, this agreement is in fact a good deal. In April, the Center for American Progress laid out five criteria to be met in order to ensure US interests are protected and its security concerns are met. The deal reached yesterday meets every single one:

  • The agreement cuts off all pathways to an Iranian nuclear weapon.
  • The agreement is verifiable through rigorous international inspections of Iran’s nuclear supply chain and facilities.
  • Sanctions relief is conditional on Iran fulfilling its commitments and sanctions can “snap back” if those commitments are broken — without being blocked unilaterally by Russia or China.
  • The United States retains the ability to counter Iranian human rights abuses and support of terrorism.
  • All options remain on the table to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon.

The many months of negotiations and the decades of economic sanctions have paid off with a meaningful agreement. But now that a deal has been reached, the hard work of monitoring and verification begins. The ultimate success of this deal rests on its robust implementation in the future.

Congress played an important role leading up to the deal by approving sanctions, but now the ball is back in their court. After the hard work of our diplomats, President Obama has made clear that he will veto any attempt to undo the agreement. Congress has 60 days to approve the deal, and has the opportunity to play a constructive role in making the deal even stronger. Instead of the political grandstanding many elected officials employed earlier this spring, Congress should approve the deal and take concrete steps to strengthen it.

BOTTOM LINE: This agreement with Iran is a crucial first step that will allow the United States and its allies to more strongly oppose Iran’s destabilizing behavior in the Middle East. This is just the beginning, not the end, of the hard work. Congress must work to approve and strengthen the deal so attention can turn to robust implementation of the agreement.