Labor Day …enjoy the day off!

Sunday Buzz … is that President Obama will be with AFL-CIO Labor Union Leaders on Labor Day in Milwaukee for a celebration and rally.

On August 30 i read a comment board for an article about where and who President Obama will appear with on Labor Day. The comments were definitely nasty, rude and some were very racists.  It is sad so many people rely on only surface information those the do their research would find they definitely are racists and can now admit it or have not been listening to the rhetoric coming form the right or Republicans …the middle class has suffered the 2Wars/2tax cuts to the rich which wee not done by pay go were given to Obama …a trillion dollar deficit. I do believe we were in a depression and the action Paulsen who was Bush’s right hand while he hid threw money at the wrong people -This President will never satisfy the people making the negative comments choose to leave truly un-American comments about his values when maybe they should look at their own. The Democratic Party has more work to do and if independents would realize who is acting on behalf of All Americans not just some -which if you listen to Republicans or folks on the right it does not include non-whites, those who want to get the middle class back on track, stop the betting that Wall Street did, regulate because the economy was out of control with a Republican in charge- the change folks voted for can happen but Democrats need to be voted into office in November to re-boot the effort because clearly all those NO votes have stall, block and shifted any improvement to a hard right. Ask yourself what has your Republican member of Congress done for you -Do you have teachers, police, first responders family members who would have been out of a job because Republicans like Bachmann, Boehner called HR1586 a bailout? Anyone with common sense would know that losing 700thousand jobs a month cannot be easily corrected -it is my contention this crash was worse than the Obama admin was told -Dems need to vote this mid-term election to make changes, readjust and enact bills to help All Americans contrary to Republicans who are willing to throw all of us under the bus to gain control and i call that the ultimate un-American

Saturday …Wow summer is almost over and though we have moderate heat here it just does not seem like summer anymore. The East Coast is still getting a lot of rain and wind but not the cat3-4 like first estimated though the folks in Nova Scotia  need to get prepared for the worst be happy if it turns out to be a wimp.

Does anyone know how big of a deal it is to get the middle east peace talks started let alone getting these men all in the same room and engaged in the move toward the 21st Century.  Americans should be proud. i definitely see myself as an American and Proud of the effort made by President Obama -let’s hope they all cooperate with him.

The Political climate is getting heated as the sometimes ugly rhetoric regarding race religion and gender preferences seem to be the big stick Republicans are wielding at those with truly weak minds who seem unwilling to remember what being an American is all about. I know that schools use to teach inclusion but with all that is going on one has to wonder what is being taught at home or at the schools these days. What seems like an overt dogma of exclusion my hope that any sane person would think this attitude is not what Americans are all about.  We are a country of immigrants with various types of families that blend and make sense only to them i guess. I don’t understand the attitude and do not subscribe to it because it is un-American.

The video below was created after the 9/11 terrorist attacks … sorry about the sound or clarity

Someone left a comment on my blog about a couple of articles posted which was a great thing in itself but we disagreed about how Muslim Americans are being treated around the US today as well as his personal attitude toward President Obama.

The first comment left asked about an article from media matters asking why so many people believe the falsehoods about President Obama’s birthplace, religion, and ideology. This person said”, what disproven falsehoods would these be. The Obama Regime has disproved none of the allegations against him.” My response was and still is; what you should be wondering is why you feel or need to label President Obama admin. I ask if it racism, discrimination and fear, or do you just feel like white people should be in charge? I continued by stating it was obvious they were not apart of the 53% who voted for Obama. There is no Regime and to say this is so offensive because if Bush had done the right thing Obama would be working on HCR, immigration DADT, Climate and Clean energy. Instead, the last guy in charge of the White House waited until the very last moment and said whoops we have a problem then hid. He had Paulson tell us that the economy was close or near to collapsing. As everyone hid or tried to keep the public and Congress at bay, we had the McCain campaign deciding to get their own Hillary by hiring Palin as a VP candidate. Then as the News or rumors about our economy came out McCain says our system is fundamentally sound…What? While the shit was, hitting the fan President Obama remained calm cool and stepped up while all the others became afraid. I do not think anyone knew what to do and Bush/Paulsen acted…foolishly, we would be better off had they thrown more money at the right ppl… they did not.

The other comment was about an article that dealt with the current negative talk and behavior toward Muslim Americans. The person is in my interpretation a racist considering he believes all Muslims are either terrorists or complicit by association and in their inaction and their cult’s name. The person stated this is American and you get what you deserve. I have to say it was a strange response. I do not know if this person was young or old but it definitely was a reflection of how a lot on the right feel these days. I responded stating; yes this is America and lumping people into a category is not how right or how most Americans act. It is un-American …Not every Caucasian is a bigot, not every African American is a killer or belongs in a gang and not every Latino American runs drugs or guns and this is the same with Muslim Americans not every Muslim is a terrorist …unless you know more than i are all White People Racists? How do you feel about what G.Bush and his band of Republicans did to our economy and or Boehner and his group of Republicans or Tea Party who have been practicing exclusion overtly? Exclusion, racism, discrimination seems to be what you are suggesting …generalizing is just wrong. I do not know you but i can do you belong to a group that thinks our Constitution means nothing and if so are you un-American? Fear of the unknown begets these feelings about the “Other” or those who do not fit the group they are more comfortable with and that is something that is not only offensive but also a primal reaction that can only be changed if the person feeling it wants to change. I have to say people need to calm down and work together instead of working against each other Whites against People of Colour or Religion. Though i totally disagree with the person who commented on my blog was surprising to hear someone say – that people get treated as they deserve because it just is wrong -try being reasonably suspicious and talk to me again… and what does an illegal look like? The treatment anyone gets is only as pure as the person applying the treatment and please don’t tell me you don’t know anyone who hasn’t been pulled over for driving, walking or just being non-white at any given day. I am only responding to your generalization of Muslims. The problem of how people try to apply the Constitution when it suits them is also confusing offensive and compels me to respond…hey thanks for your input

Other News …

**Middle East peace talks are being held under the org of President Obama and Hillary Clinton

**Photos of Rhianna giving the finger to the paps …all things considered she made a bad choice because she is wearing what looks like an authentic military hat ….very disrespectful on all accounts

**The East Coast had damage from Earl but not as bad as it could have because it lost strength as it rolled on now Canada is on the alert

**President Obama states he is committed to helping  the Middle Class



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