Get your fav snack … it’s Oscar weekend

About the Show

The Oscars2013, known for being one of a few Award Shows that people actually schedule their day and or lives around, is finally here. Quick get your fav snacks, drinks and ooh girl look on.  It offers up winners and losers in film, costume, writers, music, actors, and directors, but most of us seem to tune in for the fashion, makeup or latest cutie pie.  The night is about the best of in or all things good-looking, ugly and maybe a malfunction of some kind. There might be some dancing possibly people you won’t see in person …unless you live in the NYC go to Aspen a lot or live in Cali; and reports are some look different … well, fantasy is just better than reality.

This year the Oscars offer us more than just family fun or fantasy but films about slavery, politics, autism or being bipolar and what impact each has on lives and legacies … tune in Feb.24th 7ET/4PT

Oscar enthusiasts watch to find out the latest info on who might be pregnant, divorced, who is wearing what ,why and in the end all of us have an opinion on all the fashions worn during the event, as a star or model walks down the Red Carpet, and the big question?  Wha, your family, friend’s agent or date let you leave out the house with that on. I said it.  Last few Oscars have been amusing because due to the state of our economy  …entertainment folks were telling us … money doesn’t buy you happiness etc. blah blah blah; I agree, but it doesn’t buy taste either, so …let the judging begin.

There are a lot of us couch potatoes stylists wondering about the credentials needed and being claimed by some of these so-called pros … don’t get me started

My observation is that dressing in labels is great – love labels, but maybe it’s time to switch it up People …the economy is making brand names have two lines …the upscale and what you can get at a “Regular” store or off the rack.  Yes, we all know that it is important not to be seen wearing something, us civilians would wear and most try to avoid being caught with the same dress on at any given event. We can also forge’bout actors slash designers wearing their own clothing lines to a high-end event or seeing anyone who makes a living in front of the camera wearing a Vera done for Kohl’s clothing store. I could be wrong. However, it seems like a great idea, a change of pace and given the times would probably bring more interest and sales to the clothes at the “Regular” store. I know … the FLOTUS has the corner on that and most women love it!

Anyway, like i said … no one sits at home without voicing an opinion on what these folks are wearing on Oscar night … let’s help change fashion don’t into fashion do …a body good by tweeting some advice, and enjoy!