Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween

The weather, is  wicked.  It is reported that winter is rolling in for the mid-west and east coast though life is as per usual here in the 206 … windy cold and reports of Halloween rain.

The last few weeks of mid-term2018 campaigning by the Republican Nationalist Party has made folks uncomfortable ,what with all the loony tune behavior, overt lies and racist comments by folks who claim they are qualified to be representing constituents… Tell me how that can be if you are engaging in fear of non whites?

 “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.” 

 I personally do not want to go back to what sounds like the colonial days  …it controlled the lives & the future of people of colour and now a group that took a hard right are now saying they are Nationalists …the definition btw is not what teamtrump has tossed out into the airwaves. They are determined to repeal equity in all its forms …We are a Nation of immigrants, yet it seems like there is a stark difference between which immigrants, asylum seekers or refugees that are more acceptable … You heard the rhetoric,  we must move forward stay in the present so discrimination in all its forms fails.