Vice President Gore Explains How the Clean Energy Revolution Gives Him Hope

“If you see a turtle on a fence post, you can be pretty sure it didn’t get there by itself.”
– Former US Vice President Al GoreWatch Vice President Gore explain how this is also true for those denying the reality of the climate crisis.
The majority of Americans believe the climate crisis is real. So why is the White House enacting policies that could roll back some of the progress we’ve made toward solutions?

The reason: Special interest groups, with funding and support from Big Polluters, have spent decades on well-coordinated campaigns to spread doubt in the media and sway public opinion about the reality of the crisis.

But the American people know better, and are stepping up and speaking out to support expanding the clean energy solutions that could end the climate crisis.

Watch the video below to hear Vice President Gore explain how some carbon polluters are spreading doubt about the true nature of climate change and how the clean energy revolution gives him hope for the future.


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