a message from Representative John Lewis ~ VRA


As a young man, I marched to end Jim Crow segregation.

Spilled my blood on that bridge in Selma.

Spent months in jail.

All for my basic rights.

Today, I’m watching this President roll back the very rights I shed blood for.

— Friends …

I’ve had enough of Republicans making it harder for Black people to vote.

Enough vilifying of Black athletes for peaceful protests.

Enough killing of unarmed Black Americans in our streets.

I’m asking for your urgent help. We desperately need to elect a Democratic Majority to stop this President’s bigoted agenda.

I can’t do it alone — I know better than anyone it takes a movement of people taking a stand. That’s why I’m asking you to join the fight!

I was beaten by angry mobs, just because I was Black and wanted my basic rights.

I’m devastated to watch as my brothers and sisters face the same injustice I faced all those years ago — it’s heartbreaking to see us slide backwards.

But hear me when I say this: We need to stand together against the rising tide of hatred and injustice — that’s directly promoted by this President.

That’s why I’m asking you to join my fight to elect a Democratic Majority to put a check on this dangerous Administration.

So, I need you to take decisive action with me and donate $5 to elect a Democratic Majority. Every dollar we raise now will help us secure victory in November.

Thank you,

Congressman John Lewis