He kills them pregnant ~

He just hacked her foetus out and trashed it. This Icelandic multi-millionaire has been slaughtering hundreds of endangered fin whales – many of them pregnant.    

But finally we can stop him!  

Right now, the government is reviewing his whaling permit, andif we create an urgent global outcry, we can push them to ban this macabre hunt! Sign with one click, before the government decides: 
SIGN HEREDear friends, 

It’s sickening. They just shot her with an exploding harpoon, hacked the foetus out of her, and trashed it. She was just one of 125 endangered fin whales Icelandic millionaire Kristjan Loftsson killed this year.

Fin whales are awe-inspiring — capable of communicating through song, feeling love and deep emotional suffering. Loftsson is the last man on the planet still slaughtering these gentle giants for profit – often while they’re pregnant. 

But finally we can stop him. 

Right now, Iceland’s new government is considering ending whaling, but they could face a mountain of backlash from the tycoon andhis whaling lobby. 

It’s up to us to show them the whole world supports a ban! Sign the petition below with one click, before the government decides: 

Tell Iceland: Stop the whale butcher

To Iceland’s Prime Minister, Fisheries Minister, and all members of the Icelandic government:
“As citizens from around the world, we are horrified by Iceland’s continuing hunt. We urge you to use this opportunity to end whale hunting in Iceland and to champion greater protection for whales worldwide.” 

Tell Iceland: Stop the whale butcher

Scientists recently discovered cells in whales’ brains that process complex emotions like romance and grief. These were thought to exist only in humans and great apes, but whales have up to three times more of them than humans!

The whalers argue that there are plenty of fin whales around Iceland, but this is a globally endangered and protected species that was nearly hunted to extinction in the past century. And the cruelty is unbearable — the exploding harpoons cause a slow, painful death. 

Millions of tourists flock to Iceland every year for its natural beauty and to watch whales playing in the wild. But visitors are left in shock when they see one of Loftsson’s ships floating in bloody water, hauling a carcass. “Just tell them to look somewhere else. They can just turn around and look the other way,” he says. Let’s show him that we won’t turn a blind eye to this massacre! 

The government is reviewing Loftsson’s license to kill right now. So we need to move fast! Add your name and share everywhere – when we make it massive, Avaaz will poll the shifting public opinion in Iceland and expose this horror to Iceland’s booming tourist industry: 

Tell Iceland: Stop the whale butcher

Our movement has gone up against Loftsson’s fleet before. When one of his whale meat shipments tried docking in the Netherlands, we pushed Dutch authorities to close their ports, and then Avaazers in Germany helped block ports there too! Now we have our best chance to stop his slaughter, for good.   

With hope and determination,

Spyro, Rewan, Danny, Lisa, Camille, Rosa, Alice and the rest of the Avaaz team 


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