USDA FSIS Constituent Update – FSIS Posts FY 2019 Annual Plan

FSIS Posts FY 2019 Annual Plan 
FSIS has posted to the agency’s website its fiscal year (FY) 2019 Annual Plan, which is aligned with FSIS’ 2017-2021 Strategic Plan and details the ways the agency will achieve its strategic goals over the next fiscal year.
FSIS Welcomes New Assistant CIO
Bajinder Paul has joined FSIS as the agency’s new Assistant Chief Information Officer (ACIO).
FSIS Announces PHIS Export Component’s Second Country Group
FSIS is announcing the second group of countries that will be included in the Public Health Information System (PHIS) export component, FSIS’ electronic export application and certification system.
Consumer Food Safety Education Conference to Be Held March 6-8, 2019
The Partnership for Food Safety Education will be holding its 2019 Consumer Food Safety Education conference from March 6-8, 2019, in Orlando, Florida.
FSIS Moves to WGS for E. coli and Salmonella Isolates and Discontinues PFGE as the Primary Characterization Tool
FSIS has been performing whole genome sequencing (WGS) and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (PFGE) in parallel for all bacterial pathogens isolated from FSIS testing programs since fiscal year 2017.
Fiscal Year 2018 Meat and Poultry Inspection Program Review Results Available
Today, FSIS released the results for fiscal year 2018 Annual State Review and Determination reports and the Summary Report on the State Meat and Poultry Inspection (MPI) program.
FSIS Posts Updated Dataset on Imports
On Dec.17, 2018, FSIS will update the publicly posted dataset on import refusals for products regulated by FSIS. Federal law requires every commercial shipment of imported meat, poultry, and egg products to be inspected prior to product entering U.S. commerce.
FSIS Posts Individual Category Status and Aggregate Results for Poultry Carcasses, Chicken Parts, and Comminuted Poultry Tested for Salmonella
On Dec. 20, 2018, FSIS will update the individual establishment Salmonella performance standard category information for raw poultry carcasses, raw chicken parts and comminuted poultry products at

Additionally, FSIS will post the aggregate sampling results showing the number of establishments in categories 1, 2, or 3 for establishments producing young chicken or turkey carcasses, raw chicken parts or not ready-to-eat (NRTE) comminuted poultry products at: