Why does trump want to allow Employers to deny Women Birth Control

just another ongoing rant …

A trump idea and or a  allowing employers to coverage as part of their health insurance for any religious or moral reason is beyond my understanding, especially since this attitude is bumping up against 98% of the women in this country who choose and use reproductive products sometime during their lives … including Catholics! btw

Does this guy know, do republicans in Congress know or care about the statistics regarding “unsafe abortions?”

It would be nice for voters to know if these people even care why providing an affordable safe place for any health procedures because Planned Parenthood is not just about abortions  …planned
parenthood allows women&men btw to get help, referrals,  information and or procedures provided by a doctor.  And FYI: No woman advocates for abortion but there are legit reasons to exercise your rights and no person should get in between a woman and her doctor …we should all want women to have a choice, preferably use any and all safe birth control for family planning and what seems to be left out of all of this … Not that anyone needs a reminder but sometimes republicans seem to need them quite often

… hey folks, it takes two to engage in sex so what part or role do men have in any of this nonsense, are folks just plain’ole stupid or is it a higher standard that republicans seem to push upon women?   It makes you wonder if republican men don’t think about having to experience any of this ish because most feel  ….well, as of late politicians show it with comments on the floor of Congress then vote the reality of their privileged lives …   Not how the average American is living in this era of trump

just my opinion ~ Nativegrl77