Here’s where Democrats stand in these ultra-tight races:

Democrats can make history in 2019  

For the first time in decades, Democrats have a chance to win in three Southern states: Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi.

But to win, we need grassroots support from people like you – and it starts by helping us set our strategy.


• Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards is running for reelection in Louisiana, and experts rate his race as a “toss-up.” While Edwards has momentum and favorable poll numbers on his side, Trump won Louisiana by almost 20 points in 2016, so it’s going to be close.
• Kentucky’s Republican governor Matt Bevin is the MOST unpopular governor in the country. He’s a Trumped-up, ultra-conservative lackey who vetoed education funding and is conspicuously vulnerable. In 2018, every Republican in Kentucky underperformed Trump, and The Cook Political Report rates this race a “toss-up.” Democrats can win this race.
• Democratic Attorney General Jim Hood is vying to upend the Republican stronghold in Mississippi. Right now, Sabato’s Crystal Ball and Inside Elections rate this race as lean Republican – but with Hood leading the GOP frontrunners in the polls, Democrats have a real shot of flipping Mississippi.

Democrats can upend years of Republican power grabs, overturn extremist policies and protect and expand health care for millions of people – but only if you help us create a winning strategy like you did in 2018.