Do You looke illegal …

Immigration …

Republicans and some conservadems who say they want to help people get back to work, give small business the means to create jobs have once again said one thing while on camera and then voted against the People of the United States. They say small business needs to be helped because small business creates jobs … but Republicans lie and this is yet another example and now evidence of just what they have in mind for us … as Americans we should all be not only outraged but use our voice our votes to keep Republicans out of office. We need to vote for Politicians who have Americans best interest in mind and clearly it is not …

I don’t believe Immigration is that issue which will bite the backs of  any left leaning politician because immigration has to be dealt with. It has to be comprehensive and unlike what people on TV seems to want viewers to believe, immigrants undocumented or not did not just pop up after President Obama  was elected. Immigration is the elephant in the room that Politicians on both sides of the aisle have avoided for decades unable to make progress on, the others who along with corporations were more interested in making a buck then solving the massive influx of undocumented people looking for jobs; not all immigrants or those called natural citizens are violent, take jobs away, are crazy or constantly break laws …

Immigration reform will ultimately affect every single person in this country. The notion that every State should be able to make up their own rules, policies or laws is absurd not to mention the crap coming from people on the right suggesting that the undocumented or illegal’s as they call them be rounded up and taken back to their homeland. The comment and the idea is not only offensive; the suggestion about how to pay for the round-up is in itself scary and brings up another time in History when the lives of people who were rounded up and well… we all know what happened.

Time to ask yourself how many ethnic groups have come to America treated poorly, some succeeding while others are still in the shadows or in concentration camps in the year 2019. In this era of trump, the extreme right or white nationalists noticed the significant browning of America and are now suggesting an en masse round up and deportation.  I will admit I was definitely offended and surprised that folks  in 2010 would even suggest using stimulus money to round up people and ship them back to their homeland but what we heard doesn’t even match up to what we are now experiencing, in this era of trump.

Is it me or are these wild, wicked and stupid comments from people from the right getting on the airwaves talking seemingly crazy and getting paid $175K to do “ThePeoplesWork.”  really most if not all longing for a time when most folks were racists?

Repealing ObamaCare Votes was up to $70 Million with over 50 attempts in 2014 now 63 attempts 2016 … so, you do the math

Government Shutdown $24 billion

Benghazi Hearings almost $8 Million  maybe more!

Emailgate $82 Million or more

The current bills brought to the floor of Congress should give everyone engaged in living in this 21st Century life and the country an opportunity to stop, consider and debate the obvious ramifications, maybe accept that comprehensive immigration reform needs to be clearly explained understood unfortunately what the right calls amnesty. It would be in all of our best interests for those on the right to avoid the notion that all the undocumented or”illegal” are just violent and malicious folks doing all kinds of bad things. However,they cannot help themselves though we all know that not all undocumented,”illegals” as they call the undocumented are bad and decades ago, employers decided to look the other way when folks started coming across the border to look for jobs getting the jobs that were paying little or nothing but saved them money.

It is time, to be honest, and deal with the reality of the impact and contributions that undocumented people have on the US economy because it is big.

I personally feel that is a civil rights issue. The idea is not lost on me that the immigration laws republicans want moving across the country would also have some negative consequences and would definitely push Americans back to a time that we all hope is gone and stayed in our history books.

However, we have to remind people often that we cannot go backward. It was not that long ago when women and people of colour were seen as 3rd class citizens, servants and rarely heard from by anyone unless being forced to do the unthinkable or worse.

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