has trump hurt farmers … the damage is and will be devastating for some

Trump’s nominees to the Federal Reserve Board are further proof that Trump’s “only the best people” mantra is complete nonsense.

The Fed is supposed to be independent and has an enormous influence on things like job growth, mortgage rates, retirement savings, and inflation—but Trump insists on trying to install completely unqualified MAGA hacks with troubling views on and history with women to oversee all of it:
• Trump’s first planned nominee, Herman Cain, withdrew from contention when it became clear that even Senate Republicans wouldn’t vote for him. Cain has been accused of sexual harassment multiple times.
• Trump’s next reported nominee, Stephen Moore, is being widely lambasted for his offensive views on women and democracy. Moore has said that he isn’t “a big believer in democracy,” and is known for making sexist statements like “Women are sooo malleable! No wonder there’s a gender gap.” Check out this thread for additional reasons why Moore is completely unfit for confirmation.

“It’s impossible to overstate the damage.”


Ending DACA costs states billions in GDP ~ reminder

While several groups on both sides of the political aisle have posted how much they believe ending DACA will cost, the trump admin doesn’t seem to care.  As Americans, some of us believe in the lower case c for capitalism so the idea that it would cost approx $290 billion to not only end DACA but Deport the Dreamers as well seems like an obvious wtf moment. The logical response would seem to be Nah we can’t afford to do this so work this ish out in a bipartisan reasonable way seems much saner… right? but Noooooo the chip on this admin’s shoulder is beyond the greater good for Americans


Democratic Activists ~ Your 5 weekly to-dos

Your 5 weekly to-dos
1. Tell us you’re all in for the September fight by texting Defund Hate to 977-79. We’ll send you the latest updates on our plan for the Week of Action, and we’ll let you know when events are registered near you.

2. Call your member of Congress right now at 1-844-909-0232 to tell them you demand that they cut funding for ICE and CBP in this September’s budget. We’ll give you a script and connect you directly with your representative’s office.

3. Get up-to-speed using our Defund Hate toolkit with tips on planning an August recess event (great practice for September!) or beginning to organize your local September day of action. We’ve even got a leave-behind you can print and use to guide your conversations with your members of Congress and their staff.

4. This August, demand your representative publicly support a formal impeachment inquiry in the House. This weekend, we told you more about Impeachment August. The ask is simple: find a town hall or register your own district office visit and demand that your representative in the House support a formal impeachment inquiry. As of today, a majority of House Democrats support an inquiry– but we need many, many more to speak out to guarantee we learn the truth about Trump’s crime and corruption.

5. Use this script to call your senators now to say their thoughts and prayers are not enough. After the mass shooting in El Paso and Dayton, every senator should publicly demand Mitch McConnell call an emergency session to debate and vote on gun violence prevention legislation AND cosponsor S. 42, which would close loopholes and require background checks for all gun purchases. Read more in our updated resource here.