The reaility show lives we are living in bumped up against the truth

So, this started out as a tweet but this rant is clearly over the allowed twitter characters and my rant became a blog entry.
The stuff going on in this era of trump seems to be very hateful … racial, economic and toss in a whole lot of gender hate. Much of this is about hypocrisy on all levels by a small yet loud group who happen to be paid by taxpayers expected to represent ALL of their constituents in their State Districts.

The idea that only some of us want ALL politicians particularly those who lean right to be held to a higher standard now in this ugly era of trump than the USA when POC didn’t have half the opportunity to be part of any upward mobility is beyond offensive. That struggle to move forward not backward cost black leaders limbs lives and legacies… but for the courage of these folks like Rep Elijah Cummings, John Lewis others who are still alive, some are hurting still.

Yet, they stood up spoke out knowing the consequences could mean a whole lot of collateral damages as well … and it did! But while it opened the eyes of some, it does seem that we are ahead for a struggle to move into the 21st Century as others grasp at ways to go back to a day they felt comfier… our justice system and justice itself is but a word in some respects as the consequence is only as just as the person group or legal entity and that too has become questionable.

However, POC are expected to go by the rules or pay a great price, respect the rule of law, respect the uniform the principle around the leadership of authority yet … in this era of trump the rule of law, Congressional Duties, the uniform or blue line seems to think eleven and six-year-olds are worthy of arrest, beat downs, and shakedown lest we talk about unarmed people of color…

Most of us take our natural senses for granted so; in this era of trump, there should be a demand for folks to use their natural senses as a reality guide to bring out the truth and end the insanity we are now living in.

~ Nativegrl77