What did you know about Abortion – Before Roe v. Wade


The struggle and fight for Choice continues and probably will never end as long as Women are continually disrespected treated as ill-equipped humans who are considered pre-existing conditions legally politically and medically because we can become pregnant … the idea that we don’t have a right to engage in family planning without permission, interrupt a pregnancy due to rape, incest, assault or maybe just maybe we aren’t ready is beyond my scope of understanding. It has become clearer in this era of trump; that some folks in Congress, men and unfortunately some women, don’t seem to get it; which is also beyond my understanding. The rant is real and as an older woman; we should advocate, support and make sure the next generation of women …  all women in this world can make their own decisions with the doctor of their choice as unsafe abortions such as coathangers, so-called abortion doctors and drugs are also a grim  reality that women face at least once a month! We do NOT want women to have to choose those options! We must NOT revisit a time when desperation often resulted in rash decisions and despair which then led to self-destruction as well as death.

~ Nativegrl77