who you calling lazy paul ryan? 2014 …

A reminder we all need to take in

so, as we were all trying to live our best lives, most of us read heard about how speaker ryan lived by the ayn rand dogma, but a video from  2014 should have been a red alert to all who voted for a public servant who says he believes in more transparency but seems to be a totally different guy than the one who ran for VP, in my opinion, A member of Congress who is that powerful living a double life can only make life worse for those he is supposed to be helping    …

The video is very telling and I guess it explains how things are going currently in this era of trump !

so, we talk about the far-right but what flag is this guy flying and who else in Congress at this very moment is on the same side because they don’t belong in the US Congress imo!

first posted in 2018

~ Nativegrl77