1768 The slave ship Fredensborg sinks off Tromøy in Norway (rediscovered 1974)

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Fredensborg was a frigate built in Copenhagen in 1752 or even 1753. She was called Cron Prindz Christian following prince who was to be king Christian VII associated with Denmark and Norway, in addition to was fitted out as being a slave ship. After a unsuccessful stint in this triangular trade, her in business area was limited for the Caribbean, where she sailed as a broker until 1756. The dispatch was then purchased by simply another Danish company and renamed Fredensborg after one of the Danish-Norwegian trading stations on the African Gold Coast. On 1 12 , 1768 Fredensborg sank in a very storm off Tromoy throughout Arendal, Norway.

The destroy was discovered by divers in September 1974. One was Leif Svalesen who later has worked to be able to document the ship.

Source: slaves-ships.blogspot.com