Women and exercising our right to choose!

So, here we are in the 21st Century, Women have a constitutional right to have an abortion yet secret and not so secret bills are being passed as if they(republicans) know what is best for all Women, just think about that and ask yourself … why is a healthcare panel made up of men considering women’s health who keep making strange comments about our lady parts while throwing ALL Women into one basket then under a bus ? trump says women should have some sort of punishment for exercising their rights while conservative lawmakers governors and mayors continue to puke on the Constitution by passing lawless bills.  Who woulda thunk, that places like Alabama don’t seem to understand that they have just waged War against Women in a big huge way; hopefully, this will get a swift and damaging response at the ballot box ~ special elections and election2020. Which will need to be guarded like it has never been before btw.

The fact is Women lead very different lives, make individual decisions every minute of the day ~just like men … an abortion, like any other procedure is just one of several health care issues Women may have to encounter. The best solutions: Birth Control in all its forms as well as safe affordable legal constitutional right to an abortion. I find it beyond offensive to hear Republicans infer that an abortion is chosen carelessly and for those who seem to think birth control in all its forms is a federal or states right issue actually use it as a Republican political football. The fact is that Republicans with Women in their lives forget that their position pushes up against 98% of those who use birth control and they need to stop forcing their “family values” on women, focus on Jobs, Immigration, ending any idea of income inequality and Climate Change among just a few issues at the moment. I say, honestly, it doesn’t look at all possible for republicans to come to their senses, so vote for the Democratic Party that supports upward mobility as well as the middle lower classes and the poor = equality for all…

Call on your favourite republicans and ask why they assume Women are ill-equipped, silly, naïve or would put up with abortion bans without a fight ? least we talk about how hard a decision like an abortion is: It is NOT easy or done willy nilly! and while they seem to forget it conveniently …women DID use coat hangers, went to folks who were NOT in the medical field but took their money, performed abortions and some women, this ended up being a fatal choice

It is hard for me to believe pro-lifers do not understand that every part of a woman’s health is subject to being penalized these days and that includes reproductive health care, which includes a wide range of health care issues. It is bad enough that lawmakers actually would subject women to demeaning practices like undergo a transvaginal scope; make them wait 72hrs, but to make doctors liable for jail time too. I have to say that among other ridiculous laws that need a vote keepabortionlegalin Congress, The Hyde Amendment or rider, requires a vote every year … the Hyde Amendment is a legislative provision barring the use of certain federal funds to pay for abortions with exceptions for incest and rape.[1] It is not a permanent law, rather it is a “rider” that, in various forms, has been routinely attached to annual appropriations bills since 1976. The Hyde Amendment applies only to funds allocated by the annual appropriations bill for the Department of Health and Human Services. It primarily affects Medicaid. wiki

I also admit that it pisses me off that the latest group of people in congress are still getting away with saying one thing in front of a camera yet voting another way on the floor of congress, which includes spewing and or forcing their  “family values” platform/ideology on what I thought were free Americans. What year is it again?  The Republican Tea Party is now considered the trump Nationalist party, who truly wants to by way of religious ideology control women, their bodies and or change laws for the sake of that “family values” platform or whatever they claim it is now, and it definitely looks like the epitome of big government and an invasion of privacy one state at a time.

In this era of trump, I cannot be the only one tired of the “Do as we say Not as we do behavior.”  If you want to become President of the US of A give Americans full disclosure. Women need to know if you support unnecessary procedures like a transvaginal scope … Yet; the same people accuse President Obama of withholding information from the public or not being an American get offended when asked to provide personal information. We are their constituents; we all deserve to know how these people will vote on issues of religion, race, gender, and or abortion. The beliefs of members of Congress dictate to how the vote will affect our constitutional rights. If you were listening,  conservative politicians, some conservadems have been ramping up of vitriolic “family values” not just now but for years and their rhetoric is also pushing the discussion of women’s rights, religion, race and gender preference up to the surface to rile their base. In some cases, violence threats and death have resulted.  Now,  folks are seeing that Republican Governors Mayors and state reps have had a plan to take the rhetoric a step further by passing anti-abortion legislation all over the country in fact as stated by NWLC – “Ninety-two. That’s the number of anti-abortion measures passed into law across the U.S. in 2011. In addition, in case you are wondering, yes, that is a record — in fact; it is over 2.5 times the previous record. “

Bad enough that Women must continue to fight for our rights like equal pay,daycare, medical leave let alone safe affordable access to reproductive health care in the year 2019. This move, mostly by men is even more insane since there are more female members of Congress now with approximately 101, and yes,  the conservative members who say they are fiscally conservative, want less government in their (our) lives are now leading the way to stricter abortions laws as well as trying to end Roe V Wade. I don’t get this archaic attitude but guaranteed the fight for the right to choose is definitely on while topics like abortion, stem cell research/experiments and religious freedom get them flustered, put their undies in a bunch about funding. I could not vote for a woman who puts religion over personal family decisions, choice& maturity to have a “right to choose” no matter what side of the political aisle they sit.   The fact is, women who choose to have an abortion, do so with great trepidation not because they are heartless but based on options given by qualified medical teams or if the fetus is not viable or at risk or both mom and fetus are at risk. FYI! the decision is discussed with a counselor and a doctor before any procedure happens. Yes, from personal experience.

The choice to have an abortion is not an easy one but it seems more than just an American duty to offer a safe place, an affordable procedure  than having  women desperate enough to take actions that could put their lives at risk like they did prior to roe V wade . The idea that any member of Congress would want to control a woman’s body is ludicrous at best and again, the epitome of BIG Government; they should accept The Hyde – Amendment as the law and stay out of our 21st Century lives. The conservative ideology, clearly barbaric; spews old school dogma and not only crosses the line, it has solidified a need, a call for an unprecedented effort for a grassroots movement to keep our Democracy safe.

If you live under a republican controlled State and need or know someone in need of safe affordable healthcare with limited funds, your life has got to be beyond difficult. Now, imagine the impact that repealing, replacing and eliminating access would have on ALL our families, friend’s or co-workers.  The idea that some republicans want to go back to a time when women and people of colour had no rights; seen but not heard and yes it sounds silly, but before you laugh, take some time and listen to congressional members led by republicans and those running for office closely.

Just when I thought we were all moving into the 21st century … sigh