Workers’ Day… May DAy

by Mr. BD Guide

Let’s understand International Workers Day 2021 in a way that no one ever explained. Every year on May 1st, individuals across the globe rampage to remember International Workers’ Day or May Day.

In dozens of countries, May Day is an official holiday, and for work rights campaigners, it is especially significant.

The day commemorates past work struggles against a host of workers’ rights violations, including extended workdays and weeks, poor conditions, and kid work.

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What is International Workers Day?

The date for International Workers’ Day was picked to remember the Chicago work demonstration bombarding of May 4th, 1886, or else known as the Haymarket issue.

In 1886, a typical strike was held against the eight-hour workday, and following the shelling, police fought back by shooting the workers who left many harmed and dead.

In any case, in 1889, the first socialist and work party association Second International held a gathering in Paris on the anniversary of the Chicago protests, and the day proceeded to be perceived as a yearly occasion for the socialists.

It resulted in the May Day riots of 1984, which prompted the International Socialist Congress, Amsterdam, in 1904.

They were approaching ‘all Social Democratic Party organizations and worker’s guilds of all countries.

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