Reminder: Ending DACA could have cost states billions in GDP ~ reminder

While several groups on both sides of the political aisle have posted how much they believe ending DACA will cost, the trump admin didn’t seem to care.  As Americans, some of us believe in the lowercase c for capitalism, so the idea that it would cost approximately $290 billion-plus to end DACA and Deport the Dreamers as well seems like an obvious wtf moment. The logical response would seem to be Nah, we can’t afford to do this, so working this ish out in a reasonable bipartisan way seems much saner… right?

So, the demand to end DACA was heard being pushed worldwide by the now former AGjeffsessions in what seemed like an exciting presser, at least to him, yet those who understood the gravity of said decision fought back..

 Luckily, the courts stepped in, but the struggle, fight and best efforts for a perfect union continues