6 tips to putting words to music – Happy Valentine’s Day

I am no songwriter, but I love to read, and definitely hear the spoken word.

My interest is in the art of movement, specifically dance, but great words put on paper in innovative patterns can soothe, invigorate, irritate make you move, and feel good too.

They also say, Music is said to soothe the savage beast least we talk about our souls

… So, since

most of us love to love … and Valentine’s is near

1) Make it personal because reading someone else’s experience: love at first sight, first love, lust, a long-term love, or a one-night stand brings a sense of connection folks sometimes look for, and set to music can only enhance a good lyric ..right

2) Be yourself because avid readers and lovers of music go out of their way to learn the lyrics to a song, especially if they feel the performer is genuine and not trying to be something else but wanting to be heard seen felt through the spoken word

3) The kind of music that makes an impression on me also provides imagery, a vision about the song; even if it is abstract, the image is sort of like a coffee table object … always up for interpretation depending on who is listening and reading or learning the lyrics … of course, when it comes to love … when someone is singing to you … take the time to listen; you may have heard the song but weren’t feeling the notes

 What gets folks onto the dance floor …

4) Rhymes Reason and Rhythm because who doesn’t like the art of movement … more often than not the music that makes you move also makes a great artist move into the stratosphere … in my opinion. I dance because I have to, and anything that has a great bass or syncopation definitely will get played more than once in my house. The rhythm of life

5) Always assume a video of your creation is a possibility, so … be that visionary

🙂  Always believe you were born to make music  (:


All opinions are “my own.”

~ Nativegrl77