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just another continued rant on citizenship … from 2013 …

I thought Republicans had finally decided to bury and or sweep the birther issue under a rug somewhere safe.  That seems to have lasted for only about two Romney flip-flops or more since he’s back in congress. It is apparent that quite a few Republican members of Congress and some Governors continue to tell Americans that they matter more and, that Birtherism, is real but the War on Women and their Rights to… (You fill it in), are without a doubt much less important than conservative ideology.  I would be happy to see Republicans in Congress, actually do the people’s business, as the current group works less and has passed a few bills for #WeThePeople. They are spending money on useless hearings, acting in revenge mode, and constituents mean nothing to them.

Some reminders for any elections coming your way.

Think about this, Trump was in office for 2yrs and the Treasury dept already found its financial self in trouble? What the what? Bad enough that trump deemed Monica Crowley as his choice for Treasury Sec. Who was a fox contributor, lobbyist, or foreign agent of Ukraine who committed plagiarism and probably has no experience in finance?

Yet, despite everything the Republicans have done, our economy is on the mend. Come on you have to know it’s Thanks to President Obama; though slow, our economic recovery is happening without austerity measures though all the filibustering Mitch McConnell and his comrades continue to engage in against progress; austerity was and still is the word, and mission of the new Republican nationalists. Meanwhile, some Americans, seemingly, had the wool pulled over their eyes continually. The ugly truth began to leak out at town hall meetings and finally a smidgen of buyer’s remorse set in as actual plans received a 2nd look and were rejected, but now what with the 115th congress this path to their economic prosperity still deserves a lot of scrutiny from ALL voters because once implemented it looks like only the 1-3% will be happy. And being ignorant can’t be blissful by any stretch of the imagination.

In between all the confusing economic noise, the Republican Party continues to reach new lows in desperate behavior. While Birtherism, on its face, is kind of laughable because who really takes this stuff seriously…right.  Nevertheless, the topic, subject … stupid things conjured up through ideology continue to be added to the conservative conversation and list of ‘Religious Conscience’ though some call it religious instinct.

We should all wonder if religion, consciousness, and or instinct should be allowed in the same sentence – conscious thought, considering what Policies the current group of white nationalists seem to be throwing at Americans calls for a response, so prepare repair and put on your marching shoes. The War on women, immigration, workers, minorities, students, voter rights, and religious freedom are Republican issues. The slap of reality, or the rude awakening is … with so many states trying or passing strict negative conservative legislation against the middle and lower class cloaked in big bright new ideas on that path to prosperity that representatives and speaker Paul Ryan pushed became a trifecta reality.  The Ryan agenda lasted only about a minute after several bumps, and while he did help push through a tax gift, things fell apart right before Ryan’s eyes. It was apparent trump took an extreme right turn, had a few tantrums, pushed them aside, and now chaos, hate and some actually felt his abuse and misuse of power. This guy is still the face of the republican party … and racism and birtherism continue to be political footballs for fearmongering.

The political Party of NO, the Republican Party of the 21st Century, is no longer our parent’s conservative party foe. It’s when the extreme right switched places with the Dixiecrat’s, and this ideology continues to weave its way into their 21st-century, Southern Strategy today.

We all have to know; that the path conservatives want us all on, could destroy our democracy.

I will admit, I usually consider any conservative pledge laughable -until that ”Purity Pledge” from a group named N.O.M. popped up. Common sense, if any is available, tells you that a pledge to hurt others or exclude them is beyond offensive right, yet, it got signed by all the socially conservative candidates for President.  It says to, among other things, commit to practicing exclusion and lest we pay attention to their choice of words “purity.”  This thing, written long before trump took office, is not only archaic but this extremely conservative organization wants, “Signers to pledge: never to engage in pre-marital sex or extramarital affairs, end all viewing of pornography and gambling, never to marry a person of the same gender, and never to “favor any government action that would allow for civil unions of people of the same sex”. I don’t know if all Republicans agree with this purity pledge, we all know that a lot of them have been reported, charged, or resigned from congress… They are failing, Mr. Norquist’s pledge.  And that,  “family values platform,” which also covers birther issues, no less, suffice it to say that conservatives behaving badly and that cliché, “do as I say not as I do; comes to mind as most if all are not that pure if you get my drift. If you believe in social conservatism you will be voting against your own best interest in any election and likely controlled by extreme right policies and that is sad. Thankfully, he is gone.

The commonality between birthers, and birthrights citizenship certainly has to be the economy, and austerity or the lack of it or any of the combinations out there …believe this … the latest comments coming from social conservatives are code for: we are against “the other”.  It should make us all stop and reassess not only the beliefs of these conservatives voted into positions of power and Public Service, but we must all challenge them, their beliefs V the oath they take, and the public servants they profess to be. We all know this group has managed to get away with attacking women, gays, the undocumented, and minorities with legislation that will and has disenfranchised them in some way. We must remember the past like when voters crossed into Blunt territory – pun intended and luckily, blunt was tossed out. I wonder if anyone else wonders or imagines how often these fools must meet, to plan and cover each other on the local state, and federal levels. Republicans used to decry they want a smaller Government, yet their current legislation policies include controlling half the population while enjoying enormous tax breaks… again, remember the house of Bush, and what happened when he gave friends tax breaks? It bares reminding that anything done to one part of our system affects another…our system is interlocked, thus anything done adversely affecting our economies has a great chance of forcing us into austerity

In the fight for election 2016, it was not clear what trump stood for, but as the weeks months and a year or two passed; it was obvious that you only needed to wait until 3am …because it could change. I don’t know about you, but I have a different understanding about how a POTUS should behave or be, and it wasn’t that guy that gave doom, gloom, and nasty speeches, or vile racist comments that got media coverage of him smacking his lips, slurring his words and spewing a lot of inaccurate statements to his audience about Real Americans.  He didn’t do much, but flip-flop toward the 1% since Jan.20.

Thankfully, trump didn’t get two terms, but given all his babbling: his comments on Race, Gender, the poor or low-income, and Immigrants, should not be ignored or forgotten at the Voting Booth. If not for the sake of our nation but for the next generation of what will definitely be … a more diverse group

The sole mission of this Republican Party of No – is to turn back the clock … It is beyond offensive and will affect all our family’s past, present, and future.



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