Twitter suspensions, lock-outs and their meaning 2022

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So, this was the second time I have been suspended since Elon Musk was in the midst of a Twitter takeover, and while it is a crazy coincidence, this woman of colour has been on Twitter since 2009 and wonders, WTF? Who misinterpreted my Tweet and why! The question is, what’s different in the aftermath of trump, insurrections, and the privileged? When secret/classified documents, held by former officials at their homes, and other locations seem okay, while some of us have fewer civil rights?

I admit to my obvious passion for politics. My distaste for so-called politicians is obvious, but Twitter Support taking the word of anyone is odd enough, being branded as a terrorist and or engaging in racist behavior is insane and everyone should consider the source of the complaint. The decision to deem a harmless tweet as a Twitter violation is beyond offensive and IMO violates our first amendment rights let alone Twitter as a whole. The fact is, people on Twitter are actually free to call folks names, and groups like BLM are maligned on a daily basis by most conservatives and politicians alike least we talk about immigrants, and again, what makes this different?

I don’t know a better reason to be on Twitter than to banter amongst each other, some folks say things that get amazing responses that could be considered good bad, and or ugly. My decision to respond to Governor Abbott was a statement or question if “Operation Lone Star” was … aka, operation wetback. Now, It is quite obvious that I should have formed it into a question. Again, the Tweet seemed harmless IMO, I did not expect an explanation or response, certainly not an email stating that I violated Twitter rules. I do believe voters in Texas deserve to know what intent did Gov Abbott have when he created Operation lone star.

Trump praises ‘Operation Wetback’

Yes, some say/said it wasn’t far from Eisenhower’s, “Operation Wetback” which literally was a real get rid of immigrants program implemented by none other than Dwight Eisenhower. It wasn’t a term I created, but using the term, not mine btw, and offended Abbott? So, my aka, operation wetback, was taken and reported as if he was an immigrant or the program name, again, an actual one, was offensive. History often offends but come on, what upset Gov Abbott, was it because the operation was based on the Eisenhower Operation?


I had no clue what the offending tweet was. They believed my tweet was in violation of Twitter rules and proceeded to list them. However, i did not feel my tweet qualified my account suspension. At that moment, on 9/29 My appeal was denied and because the violation was granted without asking for an explanation, I wrote to them on 10/1 to explain what was meant by the tweet. I was under the impression the first amendment was for everyone. I am still confused about our first amendment rights on Twitter. Furthermore, I have never tried or wanted to be a threat on any level.

It is very disappointing that a politician can seemingly misinterpret, and or misuse a tweet to force Twitter support to believe their reasons to suspend folks before an explanation is given before locking someone out.

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So, I am definitely stunned after reading my email from WordPress. I don’t use the other SM platforms for reasons that seemed obvious but a lot of people had their accounts hacked so … nah

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