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In the Newsroom with Gov.Inslee

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Gov. Jay Inslee ~ Our climate at risk

a repostDemocratic Climate Action


Did you see the interview where Donald Trump denies climate change,?

In a rambling tirade, he tries to argue that the planet is actually cooling. It’s absolutely horrifying that the leader of our country has zero understanding of science and outright denies the existence of climate change. Donald Trump’s dangerous beliefs are putting our futures and our children’s futures at risk.

Trump’s reckless, shortsighted decisions are downright dangerous: rolling back critical environmental protections. Pulling the United States out of the Paris climate agreement. Opening our coastlines to devastating offshore drilling. We can’t stand for it.

Our climate is changing, and we have a moral responsibility to take action. That’s why we’re creating Democratic Climate Action: to elect leaders who will promote climate action and fight climate change at the state level, no matter what nonsense Trump spews from the White House.

Right now, the most important thing we can do to protect our planet’s future is to stand united against Trump’s anti-environment agenda.

So I need you to stand with me today. Add your name to send a strong message to Trump: Protect our climate – don’t destroy it!

Thank you for adding your voice.

Very truly yours,

Jay Inslee
Governor of Washington
Chair, Democratic Governors Association

In the Newsroom with Gov.Inslee

Inslee signs executive order to protect Orcas and Chinook salmon

 Both species are iconic to Washington and a vital part of tourism, maritime industries

The bison of Montana, the alligators of Florida, the wild horses of Colorado — every state has a signature species it takes pride in.

Washington is lucky enough to have two iconic animals: orcas and salmon, whose destinies are both intertwined and in peril.

In Puget Sound, the population of Southern Resident killer whales has declined from 98 in 1995 to 76 today. The diets of southern resident orcas consist largely of Chinook salmon, but the Chinook are listed on federal and state endangered species lists. If the Chinook population continues to decline, the southern resident orca population will follow.

Recognizing the dire need to protect both these species, Gov. Jay Inslee signed an executive order today outlining a strategy for southern resident orca and Chinook recovery.

The order instructs state agencies to outline immediate steps and long-term solutions to recover these species. The order also assembles a task force to bring together state agencies, tribal leaders, local governments, federal partners and other stakeholders to make recommendations at the state, regional and federal levels.

Read the rest of the story on the governor’s Medium page. and the official Executive Order 18-02 is below

“The destiny of salmon and orca and we humans are intertwined,” the governor said at a news conference at the Daybreak Star Cultural Center in Seattle. “As the orca go, so go we.”

“This is a wake-up call,” Suquamish Tribal Chairman Leonard Forsman said, adding, “It’s going to take some pain. We’re going to have to make some sacrifices.”  also stated  below

Suquamish Tribe Chairman Leonard Forsman reiterated the urgency of protecting the southern residents.

“The orca whales are vital to our culture and spirituality as we are the first people on Puget Sound,” Forsman said. “They act as sentinels, observing our behavior and its impacts on the health of our waters. They bless us with their presence and depend on us to keep our sacred pact with the Creator to care for this beautiful land.”

“The orca dilemma is giving us a unique opportunity,” Solien said. “Our goal is to recover the orca, recover the salmon (and) improve the quality of life for everyone.”

Media Contact

Tara Lee
Governor Inslee’s Communications Office

March 14, 2018

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