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Alert: Hurricane adds to misery in Haiti

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In the wake of January’s earthquake and an ongoing cholera outbreak, CARE has joined the people of Haiti this week in shifting attention to a third life-endangering threat: Hurricane Tomas.

In times of crisis, your support is urgently needed. A gift of $25, $50 or anything you can afford today can help us continue to provide our emergency relief and poverty-fighting programs in Haiti and 71 other countries around the world.

The hurricane made landfall in Haiti on Friday morning bringing howling winds and heavy rain that ripped roofs off of buildings, toppled power lines and caused rivers to burst their banks. The resulting floodwaters have swept into the tents and temporary shelters that 1.3 million Haitians call home.

To help Haitians prepare for the storm, CARE swiftly mobilized. We’ve distributed food, water, first aid kits and radios. We’ve also passed out tarps, ropes and building supplies to help people reinforce their dwellings. And we stocked up on emergency supplies to help people after the storm passes.

As you may know, since late October, Haitians have been facing a serious outbreak of cholera. The deadly, waterborne disease has already claimed close to 450 lives and more than 6,700 cases have been reported. The torrential rains of the hurricane will most certainly worsen the epidemic.

Our priorities include making sure there is a supply of clean water for the most vulnerable — those living in camps — and distributing items to help prevent the spread of disease, such as clean water, jerry cans, aqua tabs, soap and hygiene kits.

In the aftermath of the storm, CARE will continue partnering with Haitians to rebuild their country and help empower them to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty.

Our poverty-fighting work doesn’t stop in Haiti. Every single day of the year, CARE is on the ground in the world’s poorest countries. Whether we’re delivering emergency relief or carrying out innovative programs that strike at the root causes of poverty, CARE is there — thanks to the generosity of friends like you.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today to help ensure that we can make a lasting difference in the lives of poor people in Haiti and other countries across the globe.

Thank you for your continued support.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE

TGIF …caribbean

The feature picture is called “The Faces of My People” by Margaret Burroughs b.1917 and made of woodcut on paper.

This fleeting moment of great weather today is yet but a moment and while the weather in the Caribbean, Indonesia are on our families minds the weather all over the US is bad … gotta say hoping everyone we know and love are okay.

Our President is on his way to make a bid to open up markets overseas- for a G20 summit including Japan-wishing him good luck and a great safe trip with Mrs Obama.

FYI –Mitch McConnell says he does not want the President to fail he wants him to change course while  in different interview he and Boehner said in order for them to achieve what they want they need someone as President that will not veto everything they want to go through.  This group of right of center Politicians are dodging questions about what they would cut once they gain control and instead of answering questions folks like McConnell, Cantor , Boehner are stating  their sole goal is to repeal replace and eliminate social programs that help not just the poor but our elders, disabled , veterans and basically everyone who calls themselves a human being….sigh

Good News the jobs numbers have come in- overall 1.1 Million jobs came back or were created and there were 159,000 Private Sector jobs added, 151,000 non-farm jobs added as well as a net loss of 8,000 of jobs and unemployment stands at 9.6%. This is definitely an improvement but more bipartisan work needs to be done to really make an impact on what President Obama walked into after being elected. I ask everyone to call Republicans to tell them that you are an American and instead of making their sole goal to get rid of President Obama they better do something about jobs, jobs, jobs and our economy because if they do not the Republican Tea Party will definitely lose in 2yrs. The Republican Tea Party may  have lied to Americans who voted for them in this mid-term election but the people will not forget. I am among I guess a small group who saw that the RTP has fooled enough people into believing your group of Corporate carpetbaggers have sold out their souls and have not just thrown the average American under the bus when the new 112th Congress Session begins the facts will be even more evident that RTP will do whatever it takes to pay back those secret entities that poured funds into various states where not just right of center candidates won we now have people so right of center that membership fighting will probably begin sooner than later.  I say let the fighting begin because it will be the final piece of a sad, disgusting, and deceiving puzzle that this group has been waging ever since 53% of Americans voted for President Obama in 2008.

The big deal on the table at this moment is what do we (democrats) do now and while the current rhetoric is offensive, annoying and yes depressing to an extent we all have to be held accountable for what happened on Tuesday, Nov.2nd. I say ask yourself did you help out enough, stay home to protest and did you vote right of center to protest because you do not like what President Obama has done, is doing or that he is not tough enough, you are stupid and have no idea what the office is all about. I will admit the question that is going through my mind is did he get enough help from the Democratic Politicians “selling the message” that “the Media” keeps saying hurt not just President Obama’s base but the President chances for the 2012 elections though we are a long way from then and a lot can happen “the Media” will make that the topic of discussion. I will say that the low numbers of  Democratic members of Congress willing to support legislation being debated, having trouble getting on the floor or  passed on the floor of Congress in both Chambers has been a  great disappointment and should definitely be something to work on for the new 112th Congressional Session. It does seem difficult for them to get enough airtime, some seemed unwilling to say what was good about HCR Wall Street reform, while the various pundits, host and interviewers have said for over twenty months that he had a chance to get the message out while questioning the message have switched up and now say there was major issue with the communication. I disagree with what most folks in “the Media” are saying. I believe cable and or mainstream TV spent a lot of time limiting the message and opted to debate the message without having a rebuttal available from the Obama Administration. I wonder how many designated Obama admin folks are asked to join panels on tv let alone fight to get a word in edge wise when they are on tv because the panel is so big and then after wards, we all see it right? The hosts bring back another panel of conservatives to beat down and or question what the President’s operative just said. If you are listening to the cable head Media noise, it is definitely annoying, offensive and we all need to remind ourselves that opinion News is for entertainment splashed with some real facts and a whole lot of right of center opinions.

http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1649961/20101014/story.jhtml   <<<copy & paste

Other News …

President Obama and the new Congressional membership will meet on Nov.18th

Haiti braces for Hurricane Tomas

Plane crashes in central Cuba… 68 dead

Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn has won his bid for full term in Illinois

Democratic Senator Patty Murray has won her bid for re-election

Myanmar will have controversial elections

The first woman President of Brazil will keep Iran ties, remain global player

Kenya takes on India in bid to be call center capital


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The water has stolen everything

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You can help fight poverty around the world. -- Donate now

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“All my books are lost,” says 12-year-old Adil. “I am missing my school and home.”

Many survivors of the floods that devastated Pakistan recently didn’t have much to begin with and now, like Adil, they have nothing.

But you can give help and hope to children like Adil and so many others who face dire circumstances every single day in the 72 countries CARE serves.

The situation in Pakistan remains bleak. Most survivors of the floods live under open skies — with no sanitation and no clean water. This leaves them vulnerable to potentially fatal diseases, such as cholera and acute diarrhea.

In addition, many children and pregnant women aren’t getting enough to eat. Malnutrition is spreading.

CARE has been on the ground in Pakistan helping men, women and children with emergency relief, but we need your support to continue carrying out our disaster and long-term poverty-fighting programs around the world. Every single day, CARE works to address the root causes of poverty, including low-quality education, poor health care and hunger.

When you give to CARE, you open a world of possibilities for impoverished people everywhere. Let me share an example: With the generous support of friends like you, CARE was among the first responders to the earthquake in Haiti. Eight months after the quake, CARE continues to work with the people of Haiti to help rebuild their country — we’re reopening schools, setting up cash-for-work activities for women and providing counseling for children traumatized by the earthquake.

As you can see, the work we are doing in Pakistan, Haiti and the other countries CARE serves is vital to alleviating suffering and fighting poverty. And it’s only possible because of the generosity of supporters like you.

You can help by making a gift to CARE. You will be a proud partner in changing lives and helping children like Adil regain hope and overcome poverty.


Helene D. Gayle, MD, MPH
President and CEO, CARE