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E news and MJ …i still have questions…

watched and listened to numerous specials on Michael Jackson… not sure when they were done but most of them sounded like not only did they dislike MJ but most seemed intent on destroying MJ … during his memorial… it was noted by at least one reporter that the lapd did not like MJ…  the enews show sounded like not only were reporters after him with malice but the lapd, specifically Santa Barbara seemed to be just as determined to take MJ down, chase him out of town , whatever it took to get him out of their district, well, kids and parents do lie, people do extort, people do take advantage of the rich and some of them could have been friends … i agree that MJ made bad choices and no i would not let my child stay there either because age does matter but i am still suspicious of the claims …  prosecutors seemed to be working with others to bring this man down…. how can we trust that lapd will uphold their duties? after his death…   i have to wonder how biased feelings make people behave.

it took over a half hour for MJ to get help from the time of the call, how long was it from when he quit breathing… where did the Doctor go, why didn’t security say MJ?, or the address?  then the ambulance did not come right away … why didn’t they lock-down the property?

it’s 2009 and you can still hear the anger in the voices of various reporters and journalists who thought they knew this man and the life he led… depicted him as a pervert, freak and other stupid things … an investigative journalist stated the people of Cali did not like MJ … the police, some political folks wanted his family to pay for services normally taken care of by the City … the acting mayor stated a need for donations because the city didn’t have the money, now we find out the mayor was out of town, came back and put a stop to the website…wasn’t anyone else offended by it all?  why did the acting mayor ask for money?, a councilman demands AEG pay for it all and some others  show such animosity? all well before the memorial … unbelievable

gotta wonder how the past of a man the police, prosecutors, reporters and others so determined to nail as guilty guide their own behavior toward a man dying or dead.

only friends family and extended family do this ish …

larry larry larry … what were you thinking

if push comes to shove? to my best knowledge i am not the father? he can’t talk about it?

if he really loved MJ and or was a great friend he would know how much MJ wanted those children with his mom katherine and not become an obstacle but help make this happen …

i find it quite amusing that so many think she is going to do it without help, no one from the family said katherine would be doing this alone … this family is huge …yet,  so many comments about this family without knowing all the facts … most families, Black families especially help each other out, some have a nanny if lucky and can handle it financially … duh

this man gave what i thought was a warning to the Jackson family … clearly he did not appreciate the whole family, why?   he also seemed to be analzying each like he had a say in the end result of what obviously will be a child custody battle… stated that these kids need a mother and its best since katherine is 79 … talked about joe jackson… he sounded as if he and debbie rowe not only discussed this but  were much much more than friends … cohorts even… don’t know why but i got a bad feeling … motive? preemptive strike? i would like to know more of his relationship to debbie rowe … and if any money is involved. who is stacey brown … another so-called friend? and his regular appearances by phone , panel on HLN makes me wonder if he is getting paid too.