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meet Karen Handel … the 2014 version seems to be the same 2017

We all know that no candidate is perfect but like all the other Republicans who are seemingly tossing aside that oath taken as a Public Servant … do your research.

Karen Handel is the definition of the war on women in my opinion.  As a woman and hopefully other women will remember and never forget what she did to Planned Parenthood.  I am not a one-issue voter, but this one action by her is something I cannot push to the side!  ~~ Nativegrl77


Karen Handel on the Issues

Karen Handel has earned a reputation of courageously fighting for our conservative values. In the U.S. Senate, Karen will continue the fight for Constitutional Principles.

Promote Job Creation.

Rein in the EPA and other agencies that are stifling job creation. Unleash American energy exploration on federal lands and off shore.

Secure Our Nation.

Border security is vital to fixing the problem of illegal immigration in this country–but it is only half the solution. 40% of the 11 million illegal workers in this country did not sneak across the U.S.-Mexico border. Instead, they arrived here legally and have now overstayed their Visas. Visa reform must be part of real immigration reform.

Protect Our Gun Rights.

Stop the gun-grabbing Obama/Feinstein legislation and oppose any attempt to create a national gun registry. End massive government ammunition stockpiling designed as backdoor “ammunition control” for private gun owners.

Defend Our Liberty.

Fight the Federal government’s march to control our everyday lives and empower our states and local governments.

End Obamacare.

The biggest government intrusion into our lives in American history MUST BE REPEALED. I am proud to support my good friend Rep. Tom Price’s solution on health care the Empowering Patients First Act. This plan among other items: • Repeals Obamacare. • Protects those with pre-existing conditions. • Allows insurance to be sold across state lines. • Expands tax-free health savings accounts. • Caps malpractice lawsuits. • Offers tax-credits for individuals and families to buy health insurance. When I get elected to the U.S. Senate I will work hard to ensure that Dr. Price’s plan becomes law.

Protect Life.

We must defend the rights of the most vulnerable, including the unborn.

Fair Taxation.

We need a simpler, fairer tax system that stops IRS abuse, ends tax giveaways to the politically powerful and lowers rates for individuals.

Stop the Spending.

Get out-of-control spending in check. Reform the bloated welfare bureaucracy and balance the budget.

Plan for Economic Opportunity.

I offer my plan to put America on a new path forward – a path to fiscal soundness and economic prosperity. My four-step plan:

1. RepealObamacare and Enact Congressman Tom Price’s Empowering Patients First Act

2. Get America’s Finances in Order • One Cent Solution: Cut 1cent from every dollar spent for 5 year • Balanced Budget Amendment: Hold the Federal Government Accountable • Zero-Based Budgeting • Permanently Reduce Spending: Kill the Pork Permanently

3. Reduce the Tax Burden on Americans • Implement theFairTax • Repeal the 16th Amendment

4. Ease Burdensome Regulations • The Reins Act • Comprehensive audit of regulations • 10-year sunset rule


Get out-of-control spending in check. Reform the bloated welfare bureaucracy and balance the budget.


As Georgia’s first Republican Secretary of State, Karen successfully fought the Obama Justice Department to demand the implementation of photo ID for voting and to ensure only U.S. citizens could vote. This Voter ID law became the national model to ensure fair and honest elections.


Unlike some who claim to be pro-life but never challenge the pro-abortion forces, Karen Handel has fought to expose the corruption and intimidation of the abortion industry – even at great personal cost.

Resource: Karen Handel’s website

What better way to find out that she is extreme and as a woman, I find her to be against women’s rights as individuals. Karen Handel is a republican that says one thing to and for that 1% and expects the rest of us to fall in line as takers. I will never support a Politician man or woman, who believes in that cliché of: do as we say not as we do. Women should be treated with as much respect as our male counterparts unless or until proven otherwise… most if not all Republicans put all women, minorities, seniors, students, gays, the poor and the middle class in the same basket, which is wrong. I will say that all those same groups have a common denominator and that is … being suppressed in some way. The party of No has done their best to keep suppressing the takers while telling voters that the 1% creates jobs and money made will trickle down. The problem with that vision, is that these people want not only a right to work low wage country, they want 47% to rely on charity while living off their boot straps and that just skimming the surface.

The remedy?   #MidtermMatters and to create the change we need is to VOTE and GOTVDEMs