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Rights Versus Resources in the Amazon

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Rights Versus Resources in the Amazon

Texaco oil well in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Tar sands, hydraulic fracking, deep water drilling. All are examples that we are living in the age of extreme oil. With most major reserves of traditional crude found or tapped, the industry is encroaching into some of the most geologically-complicated, environmentally-risky and socially-conflictive terrain than ever before. As the price of crude hovers at $100, companies are eager to get at what was once impossible crude, much to the peril of people and the planet.

In some cases, this means pursuing non-conventional sources of oil, once technologically or financially out of reach, but now lucrative, despite being more energy intensive to extract than the final crude produced. In other cases, this means attempting to access “shut in” reserves – oil fields trapped by local resistance or above-ground ecological importance.

There is no greater example of this clash than what is playing out in the forests of Ecuador’s Amazon. There is a new oil boom underway, fuelled by the country’s rising debt, China’s energy demands, Ecuador’s leftist government’s plans to finance its “citizen’s revolution”, and the massive increase in public spending with expanded drilling.

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With the governor and legislature poised to approve a state constitutional amendment next year that would allow for corporate casino gambling throughout the state, some elected officials in Brooklyn have begun to prematurely salivate at the promise of tax revenues, jobs and community revival. Before jumping on this casino bandwagon and forcing the development of a casino complex on what will likely be a vulnerable community, I implore our elected and community leaders to take a hard look at what the real impact casino gambling would have on a battered and dense urban community such as Coney Island as well as other similarly situated communities in Brooklyn.


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Bertha Lewis, President and Founder
The Black Institute