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 with the same concept love of green living and url at a new home!

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Be a Seed for Change

Founded in 2006, in response to a wave of events that include but not limited to cuts in educational resources, increase in layoffs, community violence, the governments response to Katrina and local issues such as racial profiling, lack of food for our food banks and environmental issues.

Our goal is to bring substantial attention to issues on both the local and national level

joining other grassroots organizations to shine a light on and bring real change to the lives of the people in communities who just need a hand up not a hand out including safe affordable health care housing free of environmental hazards ...

Clean air & Water

Climate Change

Reproductive , Immigration, Equality & Voter Rights

We offer ...

Virtual Thrift Store - 2ND ACT

 My Blog ... Seeds

Providing & Promoting

Sustainable & Recycling information

to reduce

material going into our Landfills

Buy local

to reduce

your Eco-Footprint


 Living a more Socially Conscious lifestyle

  Let us help you De-clutter your closets ...

its Fun, Easy, harmless  !

We do Errands


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My blog - Seeds


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